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Social Media Design

There was a saying “If you want to know someone, spend as much time with them so you can watch their ups and downs”. That changed, unfortunately. Now, it is more like “If you want to know someone, ask

Color Psychology

Timeless, and authentic. This is what Grey means when it is in a product or describing a service. If you gave it a thought or two, you would find out that if the world is just black in white, grey wil

Education Quotes

Inspirational and Powerful Education Quotes1) Invest in the young. Invest in the future.A child miseducated is a child lost.  John F. Kennedy2) Empathy works.A good teacher must be able to put hi

Best Free Fonts For Designers

 There are thousands of fonts, so much that people might get misloaded, confused, and after conducting searches they still indecisive. How about we just look at the bright side? The fact that we

Beautiful Font Combinations For Design

  Making a whole design independent of one font won’t make the human eye curious to analyze the further details. In other words, it linearizes the hierarchy of the view. That being said, a d

The Best 100 Quotes Of All Time

Entrepreneur Yet Employee.1. "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people's thinking." -Steve Jobs

Combinations of Fonts

 What is a good font to use in designing? Making a whole design independent of one font won’t make the human eye curious to analyze the further details. In other words, it linearizes the hie

The Best 100 Quotes

  Entrepreneur Yet Employee. 1. "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of o

Ways to Stay Energized Throughout the Day

  It is a capitalist world. We work every single day to sustain,  improve our social class, and catch up with the improving living standards that get better through the years. People seem

Goals and Motivations For Students

  Being a student can be a nightmare sometimes. All of that stress we go through, the anxiety we get from our Schools and Universities. All of the countless hours and sleepless days we exper

What is the color of Intrigue?

 The color scheme of the website is the impression the company draws for potential customers. Remember the time we mentioned that business card is the way the employees establish themselves as br

Book Cover

Ever heard that Quote saying, “Never Judge a book by its cover”? Do you know why such a quote exists? It is because most of the people who get attracted to a book, approach it because they found the C

What Is Creativity In Design?

 People tend to say that Humans are born naturally creative. Everyone has a trait that is different than the other. Probably that was behind the saying “Everyone is Creative in their way”. Howeve

Personal Branding for Dummies

 You have got a bright future ahead of you. You’re one of the company’s most important assets! Great idea, how can I reach you? If you found any of these sentences relevant to an extent, the

What Is Branding and Why Is It Important?

Domination of Logos Recognize any of these? Yes, they are preeminent Logos. You might see these in your everyday life. Whether on social media or the internet, the streets, or even in a Universit

Graphics Background Design | Free Vector

Tips to Design Perfect BackgroundsAfter you selectively choose the variations of colors that match your type of business, and hack the way to deliver the right message through language of colors (Make

How To Design a Logo

    Whether you’re a Restaurant logo , construction logo, Islamic logo , or whatever type of business you have, with Tasmimak, you will always find your desirable Logo within a F

How To Be a Successful Wedding Photographer?

Which photography is best for a wedding? How many photos should a wedding photographer deliver? What are the rules you have to follow to be a professional wedding photographer?All of these questions a

Principles of Design

The topic of the principles of design is one of the most important topics you can start with your career as a designer. With These principles, you manage to create a professional design.You will find

The Best Font For Resume

If you wanna Create a Professional CV, you have to take care of some principles during creating it. In this article, I will talk with you about the best fonts and sizes to use with your CV after

How to Build a Strong Brand Identity

Brand identity is a way to determine the impression of the audience about your brand. So creating a strong brand identity is one of the most important missions you need to care about in your marketing

Magazine Layout Design

To Design a well magazine layout, you need to know more about the principles of a Magazine's designing operation. And more about the software you can use, to make it perfect. In this article we will a

Best Google Fonts

Before starting my work in the marketing field, my thoughts about choosing fonts were confined to how beautiful the font was, but after that, I learned that fonts mean identity. Therefore choosin

How To Write A Perfect Cover Letter For Job?

Making a perfect cover letter for the job application is a challenge. Recruiters have no time to read all CVs, so they prefer cover letters... So you have to do it. They don’t have time to read a long

Geometric Design

What do you know about geometric design? Do you notice it in your daily life? Is it real that all of us have the ability to use it? And what can we use it for?All of these questions come to my mind on

Create Background Designs

 Every designer, photographer, and artist knows how background design has a very powerful effect on his work. It can make your design simple, but bad ones make it noisy, make the campaign's messa

Free Background Remover

Removing images background is one of the basics of our daily tasks. Although it wastes time, we need to learn more about tools that could make it easy. In the following lines, I'll share with you all

Top 10 Creative Billboards Worldwide

I can't imagine a designer without Photoshop, a Marketing plan without a strategy, a Teacher without a book, and roads without billboards. I think it will be boring, where are the colors! Lights! Mess

What Is Pop Art Design and why Is It Important?

Cheerful, Colorful, Attractive and have one message. Do you know it! It's the POP ART which was created in the mid-50s and is still used till now. What is this art, and why it's important to