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Tips for a successful Blog and Make Money Online

Many people want to start their own blogs. They want to write, express, reflect and even communicate their message to the world. Some of the blogs fail but there are many others that hit. Still, many people don’t know how to start and how to create a content that draws attention and be meaningful. And do not forget the important role of design and how it effect on the the user, It is a first impression of any visitors.


Top Tips to create a successful Blog :

1- Your Passion 

When you plan to start a blog, ask yourself what is the most thing that you are passionate about whether it is sports, cooking, reading, parenting or etc. The best blogs are those that are written and expressed by passion. These blogs deliver the message so quickly and they start to create its own audience who wait for it. Find your passion and start a blog once you have a unique opinion of your own and thus, start the blog immediately. 

2- Know your target segment 

Who will read your blog?! Who are your targeted readers and audience? Get to know them and expect what they are expecting to know from reading your blog. For example, if you are blogging about cooking, then, your readers are passionate about food. These are your ideal readers. 

3- Perceived value 

Every blog has to have a certain value that would be perceived by the readers. After reading the blog, the readers have to have a message delivered. The value of the reading of the blog can be providing a solution, a new method, an exciting analysis, and thus, the blog will be offering higher quality than the other blogs out there. Everything you write and express, have to be evaluated by you and ask yourself, ‘does it make sense?”, “What’s the value?.” 

4- Be authentic 

Don’t use copy and paste from other articles or blogs. Be authentic; express your personal experiences, opinions and suggestions or findings. Many blogs are published every day, but what, makes a difference is the originality and the authenticity of your blog. Differentiate your blog by providing your own perspective,  your creativity and thus, it will reach the people so easily. 


5- Engagement 

One of the main aspects that are very important in blogs is the engagement. If you successfully manage to make your blog interesting, your readers will read till the end and it will draw their attention. They will wait for more from you. Keep them engaged. 

6- Express yourself

Many times, we would express opinions that have been perceived by others as the right ones. In blogs, be yourself and not others. 

7- Be Honest

Be the change that others want to see in the world. Make a blog that people can see through it and that your words would show them how honest you are. 

8- Clarity 

If you have a message you want to deliver, be direct, straightforward and be transparent. Don’t share details of your private life, but in the value of what you are delivering. 

9- Time

Sometimes writing a blog can consume a lot of time. However, know that what the best time is for you that you can concentrate and be productive. Don’t write if you don’t feel like writing as the time spent on writing a blog, will definitely reach out for the people. 


10- Vision 

How do you want your blog to look like? Simple? Sophisticated? Easy? Friendly? Most probably, it will depend on the readers and your targeted segment. Create beautiful blog that captures the attention and it is planned before you start writing. 

11- Development 

By writing over time, your writing skills will develop and you will discover your passion more and your inner voice. Your writings will start to look appealing for the readers and they will see the writings real. Also, over the time, you will feel more alive. 

12- Use We not You 

Do you know that when you use “ we” is more powerful that you use “you”? The plural words give more peer to peer effect and not someone who is higher in hierarchy. 

13- Consistency 

What is the best time to post your blog? Sometimes, you can post every day, other times, you can only post on weekly basis. However, what matters is consistency.

14- Social Media power 

In order to expose your writings, you can connect your blogs to social media as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

15- Face hatred speech 

Definitely, you will meet negative comments, criticism and hatred questions or silly ones. Embrace them, ignore and move on. You can even delete their comments. 

16- Read and Research 

The more you read and spend on acquiring more information, you will gain more knowledge. The more knowledgeable you are about the topic you are addressing, the more successful your blogs will be. 

17- Simplicity 

Remove all sentences or images that don’t have a meaning or that which affects the simplicity of your blog. Keep it simple. Elegance is simplicity. 

18- Picture

Do you know that by adding your picture, readers engage more with the post? Put your picture, show the world who is the person behind the scenes. 

19- Comments

Pay attention to comments if you are having the comments section. If you met silly comments, then remove. 

20- Personal Growth

Your writings will reflect who you are. Live your life, go exercise, experience new restaurants, places, food and stay healthy. It will open your horizon. 

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Best of Luck ☺