Best Memorable Couples design pictures in Open Air

One of the best key elements about taking a picture in a view is to have a story behind the picture. The story can be reflecting the string love, the romance, and the challenges that these couples have made till they were able to reach this point and be together, and thus, always have a story to show. You can be able to make this shot as an unforgettable one and yet, don’t be stressed about it. Ideas for open space are many, but there are some ideas that can give the shot an extra spark and make it a moment that lasts forever. Here are some ideas to have the perfect shot that will be engraved forever in their minds:


Sky full of stars and Moon wallpaper iphone

As Coldplay has one said it, “Sky full of stars”. One of the best shots is to have a sky in the back scene with stars and the moon. The two couples can be looking to one another in a charming way and they have eye contact. Sometimes a lot can be said through looks. 

Beautiful Profile Design Heart Frame Images

One of the best shots is to have the sunset at the back and the couples would be creating a heart shape with their hands. Even if their faces do not show, the act will be inspiring and charming. This shot is very simple and yet, it is breathtaking and charming. It never loses its effect by time. 

Couple Photo Design

This shot is about lifting, when the man would lift the woman while they look forward and they have the picture. It will be sending many meanings as “I will lift you up always and forever”.  It is very nice and charming one. However, be sure that the man is not showing he is tired or suffering while lifting and consider the other person weight. 

Fire Place cover Design

One of the very warm and attractive shots for couples is when you have them in a fire place. It is very warm and sends many meanings of warmth, romance, feelings, emotions, forever, eternity and deep meanings that will be engraved in their memories for a lifetime. 

Creative Tree Branch Design

One of the very significant shots is when you have a tree branch that you can use in the shot. You can use the tree with the branches to show the woman on a branch and the man under or both on it. You can utilize in many ways and it will give send feelings of life, energy and nature. 


Couple Cycling Design Image

Couples who cycle together, stay together. One of the charming shots is to have the couples cycling and holding hands. It will show the open space in the back scene. It will deliver feelings of staying together and going together through life. It will send feelings of action, going on, being there for each other and beside, it will be a memorable shot forever. 


Dancing in the air Photo design

Nothing can beat dancing in the air. One of the charming and breathtaking shots is when you can capture the moment of bonding between the two couples when they are dancing and you can capture the love in their eyes for one another. Dancing is a moment of happiness and a moment of love. Although it is a simple idea, many would be not aware that it is creating the perfect shot for couples in air. 


Family’s home Facebook Image


One of the very captivating shots is when you can capture the couples in a window. It can be a nice and warm window of a small house, or a building or even a barn house and capture the shot from outside. You can truly feel that the couples are the home for each other and they will make a beautiful family. It is a very warm shot and yet, very romantic one. 

Marriage Post Design

One of the marriage vowels is for better and for worse. What if you can capture this in a shot by having them walking towards a bridge or an ascending road and show them going strong hand by hand. It will show the meaning of going forward and no matter what challenges, we can face together.


Forehead Kiss for Instagram Post


One of the shots that gives and sends feelings of warmth like no other is to show a forehead kiss. It shows love to an extreme level as it is not love that is for a moment, but it is love for a lifetime. 


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