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Benefits of Banner Advertising

Banner ads are there for one main purpose which is to increase the brand awareness. The more the banner ad is attractive, then the more chance that it will attract the views of the audience. Moreover, when the audience and the viewer will be attracted, then, the targeted segment will click on the ad and that is also what companies are looking for. Moreover, create Poster or banner design ads that create awareness and get you more clicks. 



However, banner ad design is an art. It has to be selecting the relevant colors and to have the design that will influence the customers effectively. It should be the means that the customers will be able to ask for the product. 


What characteristics banner ads should be having?


Best banner ads would be the one that would be able to draw attention. Moreover, you have to keep in mind that the banner is placed on a website that the viewer might check it and looking for something that is completely different than your banner ad content. Moreover, it should be that you draw the attention and arouse his curiosity to click on the ad. Here are some of the important characteristics for your banner ad:


Visual Elements

 What draws attention are colors and visuals. Try to offer banner ads that blend with the modern websites that the customer is checking. Use design templates that are eye catching and bold. However, do not be too much overt.


Bold Text

 Revert from adding too much text and only choose your selling pitch and your unique selling preposition. You can write only a statement that defines you and your brand. However, keep it simple.

Relevant Images

Add images as it draws attention easily. However, the image has to be relevant to the message and to the brand that you are trying to convey. The more the clear the picture is then the more evoking of emotions and affecting perceptions shall happen. 

Bold Call of Action

Invite the customers and the viewers to click as a call of action. Make it short and simple and yet, obvious. You can use words as “ press here to learn more”, or “ Click here”, or “ start shopping now”, or “ find out”. Sometimes people want someone to urge them to do the action. Moreover, be that action. Believe it or not, studies showed that ads that do not have call for action have less impact than ads that have call for action. 


Best Examples of Successful Banner Advertising

One of the smart moves before creating your banner ad is to check what others are doing. You can look at those who are market leaders as they would certainly do it best. Reviewing other banner ads even for a short time, shall give you more depth about what to expect and it might set your spark in the journey of creating your banner ad. 

Nike Successful Banner Ad

Nike is a market leader in sports apparel and it is one of the legendary business leaders that will surely inspire you in choosing your banner ad. Nike is creating banner ads that will be focusing on one brand and not all their collection or product lines. Moreover, it has a target segment and it tempts the customer with having very low or none of the background visuals and it mainly focuses on the product which is for example the shoes. Once you scroll, you will find that the text is very attractive and tempting that you want to find out more. you will then find the call of action stated clearly as “ learn more”. Nike has simple and clear banner ad designs. 


MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises have set what is beyond attractiveness as it has created a balance between static and video that would be going more than that influence and to go to inspiration and charm. It transfers the viewer from just watching the ad to imagining himself in the Cruise and very relaxing as well as luxurious. The designer behind the scenes responsible for this creativity is called Jamal Morris and he has had a purpose which is to give the campaign bigger effect than just a banner ad and thus, distinguish it effectively. It provides excellent and significant examples of static banner ads. The short video is showing the color of the ocean, the space, the rotation that helps the viewer to check it and explore. It sends a subliminal message to influence the viewer perception. 



American eagle Successful Banner Ad

This banner is very effective of American eagle since it is based on simplicity and clarity. It has the brand name logo only without any text and thus, it focus on the models showing the clothes of American eagle. It reflects style and the color palette used is reflecting homogeneity with the tones of the clothes and the landscape.