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404 error page design Ideas

Everyone knows what it is when the website link goes bad and that there is a connection problem or poor content or error page that would be when you try to change the web design or change the website permalink and its structure. Whenever there is a change in the search engines or the social media, then the old URLs will be showing and reflecting. It can happen when the URL is typed wrongly and thus, a dead link or a broken one would show. 


Companies pay attention when the website is not loading correctly and they take it to reflect their brand to the customers. Losing your customers would mean that you are losing potential ones and thus, 404 error page should be sending messages that would alert the customers and that would guide them how to act. If the error page is being set in a formal way and not a way to win the customers, then the customers might not be back again and they will not return. Moreover, keep your customers close and never lose them. You can have the best optimization of your 404 with exposing excellent copy, great images, good messages, links and helpful information to guide the customers. You can be able to have a reduction in the bounce rate and you can increase the subscribers of your website. 


Here are some of the best examples of the 404 error page from different brands :

1- Lego 

One of the best brands that are loved by many ages is Lego. The website of the brand displays very friendly 404 error page that is considered as an inspiration on its own. It is showing a great example of how humor can be used and employed to deliver the message as well as it reflects the brand identity. Users would be showing that they can recognize the character who is Emmet and who is sorry that the page is not found. He would then affirms that he is sorry and not to worry. He then assures the users that everything is still good and awesome. It is also displaying a movie song. The whole concept is very attractive and friendly as well as recognizable. 

2- Slack 

The 404 error custom page is showing a very interactive concept as the users would be experiencing that when they land in the page, that they would be entering into magical landscape. The users would then find butterflies that are in the sky and there would be odd piglet and chicken who would be wandering on the screen. The page would then all scrolls in a horizontal manner while the mouse is moving towards the cursor. It reveals more scenes that would be interesting to look at. 

3- Mantra Labs

This 404 error page is a very inspiring example as it would be taking the decision from the user as when the user would reach this page, there would be an illustration that shows an astronaut and the message on the headline stating that “ Oops! You ran out of oxygen”. Moreover, the astronaut  would be placed over the 0 in the 404 and he would be floating in space. It is then giving the user the decision to press and he would be back home and thus, it redirects the users tp the website . it is giving no time for the users to give it another thought and soon, it redirects them to the homepage. 

4- 20th Century Studios 

When you see the broken link and the 404 error page, there would be a pay message and a still that comes from the cult movies. When the users scroll down, then they find several movies that are from their collection and you can click to learn more. it is offering a very good engagement to the users. 

5- eBay 

It is one of the very popular eCommerce websites and it has many users who would be visiting the website on daily basis. The website shows that it has invested in the Custom 404 error page by showing off their hottest products to the customers. Moreover, it has made more approach to the customers. When visiting the page, there would be a fun image and quirky headline that is stating “looked everywhere” that is referring to the desired page. Moreover, it sets a link to the homepage that shows with attractive color. 

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