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What is the difference between invoice and Receipt? For starters, let us firstly end up the confusion between invoice and receipt. Sales one to be precise. The invoice is the proof of sale for a specific item or service, and the customer doesn’t have the Necessity or the urgency of paying now, they can pay you later. However, the receipt works differently. It is the proof of payment for a specific product or service, which means that the customer already paid the amount required. In other words, an Invoice is the evidence of a sale and the receipt is the evidence of collecting the cash or credit for a product or service.

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Is a handwritten receipt legal? Well, it’s not necessarily illegal. However, do you really want your business to be perceived or subjected to negative elements like fraud for instance? Not to mention how much off anon positive impression about your company that it’s not professional. Making some people question the legitimacy of your business. I mean why do you have to go through all of this? While designing an invoice through our tool could literally take from your time less than five minutes.

What types of receipts are there? Receipts can have many types for various uses. Mainly, they host the same design outline. However, it can differ on very few aspects. What is the receipt is about a specific sale or it is about the salary for your employee? Through our templates, you can find the best fit that suits your needs. Maybe you can choose efficiency and create a universal receipt for all types of purposes. Through using a generic and aesthetic outline. Receipts can also come in different forms, Like in digital form for instance. Have you ever purchased anything online, and they sent you a follow-up email with a heading saying things like “welcome on board” or “Thank you for your order” or maybe “Purchase Completed”? What does it also include? That will be discussed in the next point.

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How to create a receipt? The receipt should host the basic stuff like your company logo on the top or the bottom. Also other details like the name of your business, the contact number, and the address. It always feels Neat when the client details are typed not handwritten. You can do that as after You finalize there is a design you can download it on your desktop and you can save this template for whatever use you desire. Back to the content of the receipt, it also should include things about the client. Starting from the name, the email, and also the address. What should a digital Receipt usually include? However, if you want to create a digital receipt, you should start with one of the headings like “order is confirmed”, and that includes things like the order number, and a subtitle hosting the phrase “order summary”. That includes the invoice of how much you paid for what you’re going to receive or for what you have already received. For things like the body, for instance, this is a new customer, the content of the body should be seriously taken into consideration because it reflects the impression of your business based on the body. So it should be including things that show gratitude and warmness. These elements could be expressed by starting with a cliché thank-you phrase. For example, most emails usually things like, “thank you for being part of our community“

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