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Rotate Image and Straighten Photo with Tasmimak

The possibility to upload a picture or a logo on the website and control it through editing the picture either by enlarging it or reducing its size or its rotation is now at your fingertips. 

Uploading picture 

Uploading pictures is very easy to carry as all you need to do is to press on the area that has the cross which is uploading and you can locate the picture on your computer. Moreover, you would be able to select the file and upload it. It is a very easy and simple step that you can make easily. In a few seconds, you will find your picture on the website. Uploading a picture makes you able to carry all the changes that you want to do for it and thus, you would have a picture that matches your expectations and your needs. Upload your picture now!



Editing tools

Tasmimak is offering you an amazing set of editing tools that allows you to have full control over your picture in which you would be able to set many changes to the picture that matches your needs and thus, the editing features would enhance the picture according to your needs and your demands. Tasmimak has set a user-friendly editing tool that allows non professional designers to carry professional editing that would enable you to get the picture that would match your project requirements and your needs. Editing is now made easy and at your fingertips. Edit your picture now simply and easily!

Mirror Tools 

You can now create pictures and images that are powerful through the changing of the direction of the picture or changing the position of the picture, carrying shades or mirror of the picture through the mirror tools that allows you to rotate and change the direction of the picture very easily and simply like no other. Mirror tools allow you to create attractive pictures that would be different, unique and amazingly having a great effect on the viewers. Stand out and use the mirror tool that is very easy to use and offers you a bandwidth of features to control the picture like no other.


Image tendencies 

It is now possible to have a powerful picture that allows you to change the background, create shades and change the aspects of the picture in order to create an influential picture like no other. In order to create a strong impact on your image, the image tendencies feature allows you to have a full control over the picture that makes the image easily edited and changes with your needs and thus, it shall meet your expectations. Draw attention and create a powerful impact with the most amazing image tendencies that allows you to set the picture with your desired creations and designs

How to use the photo straightener tool?

Straighten Photo Tool | Free Rotate Image Online

  1. Login to your account
    The first step is to create an account on Tasmimak and then, you would be able to go for the creation of your design and in this part, you would be able to find all the features that allows you to control your pictures, carry changes and editing made so easy for you.
  2. Uploading the picture
    All you need is to press on the upload picture and here , you can find a selection of the picture from your device and once you upload it ,you will find it on Tasmimak website and will have all the control features that allows you to edit and control the picture like no other.
  3. Editing Tools
    Be the designer of your own story as after you upload the picture, you can design like a professional designer through the editing tools that allows you to resize the picture, rotate, crop or do whatever you want. You shall also have the mirror tools features that allows you to rotate or create the picture with opposite directions and thus, you would be able to change the picture as you like. The image tendencies features are also easy and simple to achieve simply and easily.
  4. Downloading the picture
    After you are done with the editing and the changing of the picture as you want, you can download it on your computer to use it as you want and in any place you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to upload my picture?
All you need to do is to choose the picture and upload it on Tasmimak website. Moreover you can have plenty of options that allow you to edit the picture and carry changes.
How to edit my picture?
Editing features are open for you to use and they are very easy and simple to use that allows you to carry changes, resize, rotate, do frames, shades and mirror as well as transcending features.
How to get my picture?
All you need to make sure is that your internet connection is working and thus, you can download the picture after you are done with editing on your computer