Top Graphic Trends Ads That Will Dominate 2022

One of the greatest things about graphic design is that it is always revolving and there are always rooms for inspiration and creativity. There are no limitations when it comes to design and every year, there are more opportunities and more trends that show up and offer more creativity. So, what about 2021? The year of the Covid-19, social distancing and struggles and yet, the year of change has to bring with it new trends in graphic design and how it affects the advertisement trends of the year? Here are some of the best trends in 2021 in advertisement Ideas.

Abstract psychedelia Trend 

Psychedelia is belonging to the sixties and it is the roots of arts and music back then. This period has been showing more creativity in the social upheaval and there was an openness that was different than the years prior to it. If we compared back then to now, we find the same chaos of the psychedelia in the acceptance of freedom and chaos. It is when the designers are having no constraints in their designs or traditional setting up. In 2021, the designers are leaning on psychedelia in using of excessive coloring and more abstractions that would show chaos and dizziness, there are complexity and more arrangements that would even make the second look different than the first and not like the third.

C:\Users\Yasmin\Documents\Downloads\ameer-basheer-XP7QZpvbnKY-unsplash.jpg Symbol revival

Symbols are everywhere around us. The simple diagonal in the street can be able to save lives of drivers and thus, symbols have always been a sign of universality. It would be to convey warnings or to show causes or power. Symbols would be always used to show language transcended. In 2021, designers have been using symbols in the way to create icons to reflect empowerment and growth as well as resilience. 

TikTok Logo Design


Retrofuturism Design 

Retro futurism is a visual style that has been prevailing for ages and it is showing how imagination has no limits as in the past, they used to think that we are now having flying cars and robot as maids. It is showing optimistic designs and more vision in the future. In 2021, the retro futurism is showing in designs with colors that are very bright and curves. It would be transporting us to back ages and yet, to show that the best are yet to come. 


Seamless surrealism Design

‘Surrealism’ has always been known to the artistic terms people who would be showing and demonstrating imagery that is nonsensical by design. However, it has always realism in it and the year 2020, was the year that the people felt the deeps of reality with the pandemics. Graphic designers are leaning on surrealism to show anxiety and reflect worries. 


Authentic representation Ad Design 

There are many movements and initiatives as “The Black Lives Matter movement “ that has happened in 2020 and it was a moment of global protest. These movements are reflected in advertisement designs. Graphic designers are trying to include diversity and be inclusive. 


Irreverent characters Design 

Always having a good design would be the one that is telling a story. 2020 and 2021, are not forgettable years and thus, graphic designers started to include the same in advertisements by embodying more memorable characters and designs by going for more quirky characters. 


Comics and pop art Boy 

Comics and pop art, never die as they are eternal and there are always more creativity and out of the box ideas that can be introduced in this form all the time. The design styles would be showing more heavy inking and action lines that come of vintage comics.


Fine art infusion Graphic Design 

Usually, fine arts and designs have always been differentiated. In 2021, there are no traditional basics or borders. Moreover, there are more painterly techniques that have been introduced as the abstract expressionism and that would be showing in the screens across the world. 


Elements of nature Design 

This year is the year when the people started to look more into ways to protect nature and environment and thus, designers started to experience more work from home and free lifestyle and that is how nature started to impact deigns. 


Creating a Blur and grain

Gradients and color transitions have been one of the areas that designers are focusing on in order to find a new shade and to get a new blend of the background. There are filters introduced and thus, designers started to be able to walk between the palettes of colors without feeling transitions. There are benefits in this trend as it allows the foreground elements as bold typography and images to pop against backgrounds. There is more gloomier trends in showing cheery gradients. The blurry images would show shadows and reveal unseen areas which are creating a mood for designs. 


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