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Logo Color Combinations to Inspire Your Design

Usually, we respond to visuals more than we respond to texts. The more colors, the more attractive the shape and the design would be. The more the color combinations that would be present, then the more we can close our eyes and think as well as reflect on the brands and the logos that come popping to our minds once we see these colors. Moreover, the logo color is usually conjugated to certain images and influence perceptions of the customers. For example, one we see blue shades, we remember the logo BMW, green and white, we remember Starbucks, Blue and Yellow, we remember Ikea. 

One of the powerful tools of design and the critical element of logos are colors. Colors can express and influence the emotions and the mood of the people. Moreover, Why not use colors to create and develop your brand identity? There are many color combinations that can lead to evoking of certain moods and emotions. 

What are the Types of color combinations?

According to the color wheel, you can choose your logo colors from it as it simplifies the process of choosing matching colors. The color wheel has warm colors that are located on the left as red, yellow, orange and it has cool colors that are located on the right as green, purple and blue. 


Understanding color Theory


These are the colors that can be on opposite to one another and the two colors can be used to create contrast and create the right impact.


Analogous color combinations in Design

It is having from 2 to 5 colors that would be located alongside one another on the color wheel. They would reflect harmony and balance. They are always found in nature and there would be one main color to show domination.


Triadic color combinations 


They are the ones that are described by being vibrant. If you want to create a dynamic three color palette, then draw a triangle on the color wheel and you will be able to get the best three colors. 


Here are the best color combinations for logo template :




1. Yellow & red

These two colors are very powerful and vibrant. They will be able to draw attention easily and thus, you can find that most of the restaurants of junk food use them, to stand out from the stores beside them. Usually the name is written in red and the background is yellow. Moreover, the two colors create energy and power. 


2. Black & yellow


The using of yellow is showing and reflecting energy and delight. Usually the black and grey colors, are very well used in the media and in the entertainment industry as well as in pubs as it would be reflecting mystery. Moreover, combining energy with mystery is attractive and the two colors blend great together. 

3. Purple & pink

The two colors are usually reflecting warmth. Pink reflects energy and purple is maturity and thus, they are always used in industries as blogging as well as beauty companies. 


4. Blue & green

Usually the two colors reflect tranquility and calmness. However, blue is about youthfulness and green is energy and thus, when working with these two color combination, you can have them in fashion, gymnastics, entertainment and more industries that have youth. 

5. Orange & purple

These two colors are not well known and it might turn up to be being a risk. However, if the two colors are well put together and combined effectively, them they send and reflect elegance and beauty. They are mainly used in industries as in fashion, beauty, and home décor brands. 


6. Red, navy, & yellow

These colors are electric trio and they reflect boldness. The red color is powerful and it is complimented by the navy and the yellow. Moreover, the trio reflects confidence and energy. Usually, they are used in restaurants, food chains and entertainment. 


7. Purple & yellow

The two colors reflect wisdom and optimism. The yellow colors is energy while the purple is creativity and thus, they are usually used in educational areas and in restaurants. 




8. Pink & blue


Usually when the pink color is mixed with navy blue, then they would be reflecting playfulness and trustworthiness vibes. The two set very beaitidul contrast and they would be used in areas as wedding events, blogging, beauty and fashion. 

9. Black & red

The two colors are reflecting sense of power and energy. They are fierce and powerful colors. The red is intense and draws attention and black is power as in the background. This combination can be used in excitement, adventure and energy. 




10. Blue & turquoise

When it comes to blue and turquoise combination, they reflect trust, confidence and intelligence. The colors are striking and they have tasteful colors in design. 


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