Simple Ways to Be Creative

 "The creative adult is the child who survived." -- Ursula Leguin


Well, yes! Children are the ones who love to create, draw, try new toys and the more this curious soul and creative one is present, the more the creativity shall be in the adult person. 

There are many ways that you can spark this soul and be more creative. You need to find inspirations that will help you become more creative. Here are some tips that can spark your creativity:

How to Look the world differently?


Sometimes, the world around us is trying to inspire us. However, we are too busy to create a living and we ignore the signs that can even make us more relaxed and do better. Simple ways that you can hear what the world is trying to inspire by is to have a walk in the neighborhood, to sit and just wonder around you, to take time to day dream and be lost in your dreams and see where it will take you, look for creative ads, listen to music and have a schedule for giving yourself this time. 


Make a creative Journals 


One of the very simple tips is to have a journal. You can have a small notebook and try to be creative in the way it looks to make you love it. Then, document everything that happens in your day, you can reflect on the situations and give yourself sometime to speak up your ideas and how you were going to face the situation differently. You can collect photos, ideas, and make it as a scrapbook. You can add tickets of the concert, landscape pictures and quotes that will keep mementos and soak you in influences. 

 Having a  resourcefulness Skill

Try to find ways to limit yourself in order that it gives you more creativity and you will flourish more. You will start to find ways to meet the needs in creative ways and thus, it will become part of your DNA. 


Creativity in Planning 

One of the strangest ways to be creative is to be planning, well, yes. It is strange but true. You need to plan your day and keep time for checking emails, as for example 3 times per day, and keep time for checking the social media, time for answering calls and chatting and that will help you in being focused and thus, your creativity will be increased. When we be busy by many distractions, we will not be able to be creative.


Creativity with Deadline

Deadlines are scary and yet, they activate the creativity impulses. You will be able to have time for daydreaming and thinking. You will force inspiration to accomplish what you want and your mind will be on track and very focused. 


Learn How to stop Thinking about Past

Sometimes, we are trapped in our past achievements. We have to learn to let go and face forward. We have to let go of the old ideas and adopt a process of creativity renewal. 


Being Ready When Opportunity Knocks

Opportunities are often disguised and they would never come in the shape of an opportunity with take me. So, say yes to openness and open attitude and that will definitely lead you to creative ways. 


Choose your people closely 

Some people are there to turn off your candles while others are there to push you forward. So, it is very obvious that some people make too can dull our soul and even, discourage us by sending us negative vibes. Moreover, immense yourself in creativity and inspiration and choose the people who would give you positive vibes and enrich your creativity and push you to take risks.


Get Out of your comfort zone

As important as it is to feel stable and safe in what you know compared to what you don’t know, it is important to move out once you feel comfortable with the surroundings as it shall give you a boost in your creativity. Following the rules or letting the rules control you , will definitely kill your creativity. 

Optimism and energy

Optimism is not always dumb”, as a quote in one of the books, It shows that the positive approach shall be bound to success. Have the energy along with optimism and it shall happen. Dare to dream and be optimistic about it, they have the energy to do it. Dreaming only won’t make it possible. Many people would be taking the pessimistic way as it is better in making them feel satisfied and laid back as well as fear from the unknown. Dare to dream, to achieve, to follow your dreams and be optimistic about it. Move forward and shut your ears from the pessimistic voices around you.


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