Logo Design Tips for Branding

Today, there are many businesses that have been established and many businesses are on the market. Many Logo businesses are even going to the International market while others prefer to operate on the domestic level. Other businesses have chosen to be present physically as in stores and shopping malls. However, this year after the pandemic has shaken the world, businesses started to adapt as well as to the social distancing as the people. 

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There has been a very high trend in the going online. Many businesses started to go online and show their products. Businesses started to adapt to the new way that the customers would prefer which is the online shopping. Modernization has changed the way that the customers would be addressing their needs. In the past, customers used to go to the store physically and that was the only option. However, nowadays, customers have many options to fulfill their needs as they can make shopping from the website, or call the story for delivery or from the social media platforms in which they can have a human interaction online to make their orders. 

Modern businesses start to depend on the effective communication with their customers through implementing strategies to ensure the engagement of the customers online and thus, more interaction and more coverage. Business owners spend a lot of money to stand out among the hundreds of businesses created offering same or like products online. 

Logo has evolved with the evolution that has been carried to the businesses. Logo is visual tools that attracts the attention of the potential customers and urge them to engage more and to interact more. logo has become not only a business symbol that identifies the business or the product or the service, it is having a vital role in the creation of a strong brand identity. A logo has many goals especially in the modern world of business as it is able to convert customers from ad hoc to loyal customers.  

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Here are some effective tips to create a modern logo design:

The Brand Elements 

When you start to design a logo, think of the brand elements; what is the target customer, the value of the brand offering to the market, the proposals that the brand is offering, the target market, the culture, the traditions, the trends and once you realize all these elements, you will be able tp have many inspirations to influence your design.

Brand Personality 

Brand personality is when you can link your brand to a celebrity or personal features, or a plant or a scene or a country or a certain place. Your logo will help in the representation of your business and brand personality will help you in the selection of the colors. For example, a pharmaceutical company has chosen Muhammad Ali for their brand personality and thus, they have created the colors and the images of Muhammad Ali to be located on the walls, their social media platforms and so. They were able to set their logo with bold colors. Colors and images used in the logo should complement the brand personality. If your logo aligns with the brand personality, you will create a brand identity that is very competitive in the market. For example, if your business is organic, then think of brand personality as a bamboo tree, moreover, your logo will have colors of green, leaves, and nature.


 Choosing Impressed Logo

Your logo design has to impress. Choose who you want to impress from the market, know your customers, what they like, what they expect and thus, creating a lasting impression will be achievable. Make a unique logo that will help you impress. 

Use Colors Wheel 

Color wheel is having the colors and if you draw any triangle, you will get the most three colors that fit. There are some designs of colors that will help you in having the best impact. Colors determine the brand message that you want to convey. Red, catches attention. Blue goes with social media platforms. Bold and bright colors are always trendy in getting people’s attention and stand out while they are scrolling down. Colors evoke emotions, so identify te emotions you want to evoke with your brand. 

Pick Fonts Carefully

Fonts speak to the people. Serif fonts show authenticity, trust and credibility. Sans serif fonts would be speaking to youth and modern businesses. Fonts speak personalities and if your brand targets children, then choose a child- friendly font. If the font is chosen wrongly, then it might not speak to the right customers. 

Apple logo

Types of Logo 

There are many logo types as there are as flat icons, or revolutionary or animated or more. Moreover, choose the correct logo type that the company name will be having the main features. The logo type chosen would be speaking to your customers all the time and thus, it shall be a part of your market exposure and a part that cannot be separated.  If you want the best logo design, you can always seek the help of the online logo designs as in Tasmimak as it will help you in creating a unique and a design that would convey your logo hidden message to the people.