Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

One of the decisions that have been confusing and still, is to invest in digital ads or traditional ads! What is showing is that the traditional ads are having some facts that we cannot ignore and they are as the spending share in the US has been showing a decline by around 45.8% in 2019 towards the traditional ads. 2020 has also reflected that there is a high and strong trend towards the digital ads as 50% of the advertising budgets have been all spent online in this year and that is showing an equal budget to that budget spent on both the traditional and digital ones!

Well, the year of the social distancing has been faced by more Instagram posts, more application usage as the Instagram has been showing more users by 113.3 million users than the users who are reading print ads of 112.3 million in the year 2019. Moreover, there is something going on and that will make us wonder;” shall I go towards digital ads or traditional ads?”

What is alarming is that the adult segment in the market who are used to reading prints, have been showing a decline by 16% in the US in the period of Jul- Aug in 2018. Moreover, it shows that the paid search ads have been having more impact through creating of awareness of the brand by around 80%. 

Let’s show the difference between the traditional and the digital marketing:

Traditional Marketing 

It is the form of marketing that has been going for ages. It is the way that the companies and the entrepreneurs have been using and it requires a lot of money. However, it is effective. If you have a budget and you want more awareness, you can definitely go for the TV ads, magazines and create campaigns that will definitely be well spent. Traditional marketing is having miscellaneous channels for ads as:

·  Outdoor (Billboards, bus/taxi wraps, posters etc)

·  Broadcasting (TV, Radio etc)

·  Print (Magazines, newspapers etc)

·  Direct Mail (catalogues etc)

·  Telemarketing (Phone, text message)

·  Window display and signs

The Advantages of the Traditional Marketing

High Impact of Traditional Marketing

Usually the traditional ads are very easy to understand and they have high reach. You can have visual bold billboards and thus, they will be witnessed and viewed by almost all the drivers. TV ads are having high reach since the TV ads are usually a part of the people’s lives and in addition, they are entertaining. 

Best Print Advertising

The creating of an ad in a magazine will definitely be permanent as it shall be living for a long time and customers would keep magazines for long periods of time. 

Make your Marketing more memorable

Usually when you a see in real life that you can hold or see on TV or hear, would be having an impressive display and it would stay in your memory for long time since you cannot scroll down. You have to see it. 

The Disadvantages of the Traditional Marketing

More difficult to evaluate Traditional Marketing

The reach and the measurability would be difficult to be evaluates. 

Price of traditional marketing costly

Many forms of traditional marketing will set you back a considerable amount as it is expensive. 

Suffering From Low Customer Engagement

You cannot evaluate the reaction of the customers to the marketing campaign. 

Digital Marketing

We are now living in the digital era. Everything is digitalized and everyone is having a smart phone to make an order, request, purchase, review or read. The internet users are forming around 57% of the world’s population and usually, the average person would be spending around 6 hours on the online platforms. What’s astonishing is that around 73% of the sales in 2021, would be expected to come from the mobile phones!

Digital marketing channels include:

·  Social media (Facebook, Instagram etc)

·  Website

·  Content marketing

·  Affiliate marketing

·  Inbound marketing

·  Email marketing

·  PPC (pay per click

The Benefits of the Digital Marketing

High engagement and interaction in Digital Marketing

One of the best channels, It will help you in the creation of communication and engagement with your target customers. You can be able to physically interact and engage with your customers when your marketing campaign is shared and thus, you can see the positive comments coming and you can evaluate the success of the campaign. You can even reply to inquiries, questions and assess the satisfaction level of the customers. laptop computer on glass-top table

Effectively measurement in Digital Marketing

You can be able to track the impact, adjust or alter the campaign for better effect.  

Reach the Right Potential Targeting in Online Marketing

One of the best advantages of the digital marketing is to have a clever targeting as you can be able to target the age, the gender, the profiles and you will be able to be able to create a tailored content for your potential customers. 

The Disadvantages of the Digital Marketing

Less permanent in Digital Marketing

The digital ads are not eternal and not permanent and thus, they require that you change them every now and then as Google ads, emails and banners or social media ads. They are also not tangible as the traditional ones and thus, customers can be scrolling them down and once they do that, the ad will be gone from their screens. 

The Constantly Evolving Universe of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing ads are showing that there is a new feature and a new application is evolving everyday and thus, you need to take time to learn and to adopt accordingly to have the right impact. 

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