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The Definitive Guide for The Best Time to Post on Social Media





Have you ever wondered what is the perfect time for posting on social media? Well, this is the ideal article for you. According to statistics, having a high reach for your targeted potential market segments is crucial to create an effective brand awareness. Moreover, using all the communication channels that can effectively create a change would be the ideal way for you to reach out for your customers. Follow to create social media designs and get success on social media. 

Social media marketing campaign 

One of the main fields that are addressing the social media is the SMM which is the social media marketing and this field of research has become prominent in the way that it depends heavily on reaching out for users and building communications, engagement, interaction and relationships that are not as strong like the other traditional marketing activities. Companies started to rely heavily on the social media platforms in order to reach out for the customers better and in the most effective way.

Effect of social media on brand loyalty 

Brand consciousness is when the customer is developing a mental orientation of the products and that would be due to the fact that they are highly advertised or they are famous. Moreover, the customers would be able to detect the main characteristics of the brand. The consumers would be then showing high brand consciousness and they would be able to pay more for the brand value. Customers would be using these brands to belong to a certain group or status. Moreover, these brand consciousness would be reflected on integrity and brand trust. However, according to Yoo et al, (2000), he has claimed that the social media cannot replace the traditional ways of marketing communications as radio and television in creating brand consciousness and brand loyalty. Moreover, use the social media design templates to create brand identity and brand loyalty, is all it takes you to grow your brand exposure. 

What is the best time to post on social media?

Many of us would create accounts for our brands and yet, we receive very minimal interaction from our customers. What make us different than all the other brands that have more than 500k followers and customers showing interaction and effective engagement?! Well, it is the time of the posting on the social media. Moreover, timing is a crucial thing to create the most effective social media post design with high interaction and engagement. 

The best time to post on social media is to post when you are quite sure that most of your targeted segment are on the social media. Moreover, if you choose the right time slots, then it would be the right moment that you can have the highest coverage and the best exposure. Furthermore, analyze your targeted segment and know their profiles, what they like, what they do, their financial level, their passion and thus, you can spot their daily behavior and lifestyle. For example, if you are targeting mothers, then, the best time is mornings around 10 am or at 8 -10 pm as these times, they include no lunch time, breakfast or dinner and these are the times of blackout of which the mothers are free and they have some time to check their social media while they are having coffee or some time without children or house duties. 

However, there are times through which they are the best times and the best times of the day is on weekends as Fridays and Saturdays as well as Wednesdays. The best time frame is from 10 am till 8 pm. Moreover, choose the time slots that you can pick the best and that you can have the highest reach and coverage. 

Brand loyalty or Customer loyalty would be defined as the willingness of the customer to re-purchase the brand once again and in a repeated way which is a long term commitment to the brand. Customer loyalty would be the consequence of the brand value that is offered and perceived by the customers. It would be considered as the absence of choice. Loyal customers would tend to have a positive word of mouth and lead to high revenues.  Attachment theories are when the people show desire that they want to become closer or they show commitment to the object. According to Malär et al., (2011), psychological commitment is when there would be willingness in the maintaining of long term relationship with the brand. Moreover, the times of your post and the social media graphic can create attachment and engagement with the customers and thus, you can have the perfect post effect with choosing the best time. 

Create a social media post through the best time that you can have the perfect reach and the highest coverage. Stand out and build brand awareness.