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Social Media Graphic Design Tips to boost your Business


Social media platforms are now replacing all the traditional communication channels such as the telephone and the television. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest would be the best spaces that would offer you the maximum engagement and it would be creating the best interaction with your targeted segments and potential customers. Social media platforms support your brand and they even enhance the brand identity. Social media platforms are the only way that you can be able to create content that can entertain your followers and at the same time, it would be creating brand awareness. Social media can lead to the creating of very competitive content that once you post, you can immediately join in interactions and engagements that would help you to survive in a very competitive market. Social media graphics is one of the best tools that would help you create highly engaging content. 

It might seem easy to click on the button ad create a post or an online marketing campaign. However, you have to plan the social media campaigns strategically. The first step, consider the design as it would be enhancing the content and conveying the message. It would be helping you to have the maximum reach. 


Key Steps to Choosing the Right Design


  • Evaluate the audiences for your current channels. 

Understand the user’s mentality, trends, norms, demographics, locations, age and analyze the segments of every social media platform. The users of every social media platform are different and vary greatly from the other social media channel. Understand the customer, the needs, the expectations, what they like, and what turns them off. You can get to know them through creating polls, asking questions, carrying surveys, and thus, upon receiving the feedbacks, you would be able to create the digital content that matches them the best. 


  • Choose the best platforms:

After the analysis of the customers of every platform, choose the right platform and the one that is very popular and heavily used by the targeted segment. 


  • Evaluate the types of content that perform best on those platforms. 

After choosing the right platform, you can choose the best content that matches this platform. For example, Instagram users would be heavily depending on images and videos, Twitter users would be going for informative and short messages, and you can understand the content more from reviewing the competition activities. 


  • Schedule your design assets

After choosing the platforms and you know your targeted segments, set the schedule and the plan:

The best time for the campaign.

The goal of the campaign.

The expected reach.

The forecasted result.

The expected sales. 

The design medium.

The text. 


  • Design medium (photograph, video, illustration, animated gif)

  • Caption or text copy

  • Design references

The content sizes and dimensions for each social media platform

A reference of social media content sizes and dimensions is very important in the designing of your content over social media. As of June 2020, here are the sizes and dimensions for common social media platforms:


Instagram image dimensions

Twitter image dimensions

Facebook image dimensions

LinkedIn image dimensions

YouTube image dimensions

Profile picture

110 x 110px

400 x 400px

180 x 180px

200 x 200px

800 x 800px

Square image

1080 x 1080px


Portrait image

1080 x 1350px


Instagram stories

1080 x 1920px


Cover image


1500 x 500px

820 x 312px

1584 x 396px

2,560 x 1,440px

Content image


1024 x 512px

1200 x 630px

1104 x 736px


FB event image


1920 x 1080px


Company profile picture


300 x 300px


Company cover image


1192 x 220px


Video thumbnail


1280 x 720px


Tips for Creating social media designs 

  • Colors: try to choose from the color wheel the best matching colors that can fit your design and be appealing for the targeted segment.

  • Form: choose images and videos as they would be able to convey the message thoroughly without any complication and the message would be conveyed without reading a lot of text.

  • Text: choose the words wisely as the choice of the words would be able to help you in reaching out to the customers and influencing them.

  • Font: the font is able to affect the psychology of the customers and the readers. Moreover, choose the font wisely.

  • Logo: The logos are one of the main critical elements and thus, choose a story behind the logo or a message or show the values of the brand or reflect the brand identity. Logos would help you to stand out among the various contents that are published on daily basis over social media. 

  • Images: the images are one of the main visual tools that would say a lot about the brand and the product. Choose the images that have high resolution and be aware of the copyrights. 

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