Instagram Ad Ideas for Boosting your Brand

Instagram has more than 928 million users and the ads on Instagram are one of the key tools that would be used for social media marketers. They give access to extensive targeting options and tools. Using Instagram posts can be an effective strategy that is very easy to implement and adopt. 

Instagram ads are created in the form of banner ads, and thus, they are creating action and they are very effective marketing tools. However, as it easy as it seems, you need to create the perfect Instagram Post design for your business and brand before you start in the advertising. 

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      Here are some of the best 18 Instagram ad ideas you can use for campaign, before actually starting to pay for your ad, consider these points as they will generate more traffic to your ads;

   Insert humor In the Instagram Ad

Use a sense of humor in your ads especially on social media platforms. They are very effective and impactful. It helps in creating an environment of friendliness among the followers. 

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    Use product promotion

         Use ads that show promotions and they will promote sales. Show the price cuts in percentage as -30% for example as it shall draw in instagram post design the attention.        

   Instagram Brand awareness

       Create a brand awareness and at the same time in your instagram profile, promote your brand through simple and easy message to convey the objective.

   Who are your instgram audience?

        Know your targeted customers, their profile, their expectations, their needs and once you understand them more, you can be able to address them directly.

   Inspirational Instagram Ad

        You can be having a brand in a certain area as an eye care cream. You can be an inspiration on how they take care of their skin, and health, and thus, this will be adding inspiration to your customers.   

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   Special deal

Use a message that is direct, straightforward and simple when you have a deal and promotion for the customers. Make the message visible and clear.

Product Competitiveness

Create a visual that shows your customers exactly what your products are good for and you will never fail. The benefits of your product are listed and they can create a very good effect and influence. 

Use Visual tools

Use graphic post, illustrations, symbols, cartoon, animations and visual tools on your banner to inspire followers and let them know what to do. 

Evoke emotions

      Once you addressed emotions, customers will be attracted. It is how you differentiate your product and your brand to others. Evoke positive feelings and emotions and                   associate them with the brand. 

  Overlay text messages

One of the features of Instagram ads that you can choose pictures and they are sent along text messages to targeted customers. It is one of the best features of Instagram. 

Celebrity endorsement 

Feature superstars, celebrities, influencers and public figures who can sponsor your brand or talk about it. Create webinars, courses and use the spokesperson figures. 

Choose Right Branding Color for Instgram post

Use the color wheel to choose the colors that match together in your brand. You can choose simple colors, matching colors and make sure ,color combination is very important to engage the customers and draw their attention. 

red white and blue abstract painting      Increase Instagram Engagement

       Followers need to be engaged. Choose a game, a poll, a question, a puzzle and ask them to solve it. It will keep them looking towards your brand more. 

   Minimalist instgram trend design

Try ads that follow the minimalism trends since it is the trend in 2021 as they are shown to attract viewers more than colorful ones.

green leaf plant     Brand Istagram Stories

If your brand is personal, then start by promoting yourself, what you did for your business, the one behind the scene as this is more influential than just stating the product. 

Give a solution for Instagram

Your product is offering a certain solution to a specific problem? Use it> start to tackle this problem, give advices and at the end, the call for action through providing the relevant product. Use visuals and instagram banners. 


  Celebrate with us Instagram 


     You reached a certain level of customers and followers? You have the anniversary of your business? A new product? A specific event? Special moment? Celebrate with people  on Instagram. They proved that celebrating milestones or certain events         create impact.         



   Best Instagram Quotes

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If you want to create the Instagram ads that will draw attention and generate engagement from your customers and / or followers, you will need great ideas to start with. You need inspiration and the best way to get it is to study the market. You can check Tasmimak for out of the box ideas to help you out with the best Instagram story template.