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Instagram Tips and Tricks | The Best Time to Post on Instagram


Do you want to attract audience and followers? Are you wondering how influencers can create a huge engagement and attract interaction by every post? Then, this is the place for you. Influencers get every post on an effective timely manner. Moreover, there are some tricks that will make you aware about how to make an amazing Instagram post design or story template to get an effective reach out.

 How to Post on Instagram | Instagram Tips For Beginners

  • Consistency

You would mostly find that influencers post every day. Every time you open your Instagram account, you shall see a post from them. Moreover, always stick to a daily plan to create striking Instagram stories or posts.

  • Timing

The Best time to post on Instagram is usually on Friday mornings since everyone is at the weekend and wanting to catch up on the news everywhere. The most engagement time of the day is usually from 10 am till 8 pm and thus. Always pick up this time between these timings and it starts from mid morning till 8 pm. The best days are usually Fridays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Saturdays that are from 6 pm till 8 pm. The blackout days are usually Sundays as they get the lowest activity. 

  • Hashtags 

Grab the attention of the followers who are searching for the same topic that you are posting about and thus, use top hashtag instagram that would be grabbing the attention and attracting the views more to your post. You can add all the hashtags that involve topics that are of the same post or related interest. 

  • Interaction 

One of the secrets is that you would interact with your followers and that would happen when you reply to their comments even by emotions. Also, you can find new ways to increase the interaction to your Instagram ads through setting a poll, questions, topics and raising discussions as well as encouraging your followers to say their views and opinions about something. Get them interested about your topic and make them interact with what you are saying with showing something, a review or show them a new experience that you are having. Transfer an exciting topic to your followers and make them interested in what you are saying and share with your views. 


Check regularly your insights and see how the people have reacted to your posts in order that you gain more knowledge about your posts on Instagram and how people perceived them. You can always evaluate and assess the experiences that your audience and your followers have gone through from your post. In sights give you a closer look on how your posts have created the outcomes and the goals that you set for them or not. You can see the reach and the coverage. You can make sense of your social marketing activities. 

  • Relate yourself

Find something that your followers can relate themselves to you in matter of lifestyle, issue, objective or any related topic through which you can address this market segment and get a deep analysis to them. Relate your posts and give messages that tour followers can take with them through the day and remember your post and words to them.

  • Videos

Videos on Instagram make your topic having more time on it from your followers and thus, your post shall have better reach and performance. Create videos that have exciting music and nice features to interact and communicate with your followers that they can spend more time on them. Level up your account with videos and make them share it and interact on it. 

  • Give advice 

You can always give a piece of advice to your followers as to have a positive day, smile no matter what, move on and forward or pieces that are related to your account goals as parenting, plating, fashion styli or more. This way. you can leave a long impression on them and they, will be motivated to come back and check again your Instagram. Finally you have to check the common Instagrm mistakes you must avoid.

  • Stories 

Create stories as they would be having higher reach and they surely have better impact on your followers. Stories have more impact, reach and coverage and stories would even make your instagram account move higher in the views and in the reach. Stpries are very interactive way to boot your views and get you more followers. Stand out and create a story that is remarkable and catchy with Tasmimak Instagram story maker. 

  • Instagram Post design

Create a different, catchy and attractive Instagram post that will encourage your viewers and your followers to reach out and stare more. they will have more time spent on your account and you can have an edge over your competitors. 

What are you waiting for? You shall boost your Instagram account to another level.