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What Is Creativity In Design?


People tend to say that Humans are born naturally creative. Everyone has a trait that is different than the other. Probably that was behind the saying “Everyone is Creative in their way”. However, some people might blame the education system for stealing the creativity of the children. Rather than looking for the drive that triggers creativity, passion, they teach them 1+1= 2, history about their ancestors, and other information that fill their minds with information that the individual might not be found interesting.


Still, they have to memorize it, so it is a consuming effort to do essentials that are set by other individuals or organizations. Making an A+ defines creative and an F represents “Special needs”, and slowly yet effectively, people adapt to the standards set, and over time,

passion dies, and the people who were once children end up doing a 9-5.


For more than 200 years, Education systems ideology is still the same, and maybe it is the only thing that is remaining still. After the pyramids and other monumental structures off course!

But don’t worry, it’s never too late. Biologically speaking, the brain is a network of neurons. Practically speaking, it is a muscle just like any other. You need to train to gain. Before we get to know how anyone can learn creativity, we need to know.

The Components of Creativity




You can be creative, yet off-topic. Like presenting a masterpiece that can be helpful and resourceful to so many people and environments, yet it can’t be a blessing to this background. Besides intellectual or technical knowledge expertise, you need to be aware of what the workplace is demanding and find a creative way to do it, so you won’t ever be facing the saying, “Anyone can do your Job”.




What makes you wake up almost every day to get prepared to perform your task? Is it because you love your career? Or you want to build a title that might give you better chances in the future? Maybe it is material? Like playschemes for top performers, or the salary? Money can come and go, and there are several ways to make money, so it shouldn’t be prioritized over intangible aspects. Like passion, and if that isn’t there, then I am afraid to say that you are in the wrong place.


Creative thinking


Creativity is in being different. Do your tasks with significance, and thinking outside the box? Ever wondered why such a phrase exists? Outside the Box? Maybe it came from the fact that all ideas are limited to a specific number of patterns, yet different sequences. Hypothetically speaking, when you’re brainstorming you are looking for ideas inside the box, the same one that whole humanity relies on. When the Idea is Novel, it means it is creative, which means that it wasn’t inside the box, it was outside.


Ever coincidentally passed by an art gallery and you found People staring at a drawing for minutes? I mean it is just a drawing that is used for decorations, right? Wrong. Creative people tend to look into the tiniest details.


Take the Starry Night by David Vangogh for instance. Some people see the picture as it represents a nighttime sky with a couple of stars. People, who live inside the box tend to say, “Why do I have to see it in a painting while I can open the window?”


However, the Creatives tend to think that darkness can represent Pain, and the starts are the turbulent quests to surpass it. Then they tend to stare even more in the picture to see the other hidden messages behind it, or for example, what is behind that pain? Is it an illness? Remember when we said that every color has a message of an emotion? How about that blend of colors? Does it imply a specific emotion or a mix of them? This is how Creative people think.


In other words, if the world is only Black and White; two opposite colors, they tend to find the relation between the differences till they conclude something, Grey. Artistic people are creative that is for sure. But there are so many layers and types of creativity. If the thinking is present, and the creativity isn’t there then You must learn it.


Ways to Unleash Your Creativity


If the thinking isn’t creative, then you must learn how to not think. Enjoy some Alone time, wander in nature, travel solo, and meditate. Also, Teaching creativity won’t be done through the Cliché methodologies that are used in the Educational Organizations that are accused of murdering creativity. It can’t be taught through lecturing, examining, or even memorizing.

To learn how to be creative, you need to forget all of what you’ve learned in your schools. Educational premises make people’s minds look like a closed box, and as long as you memorize their learning strategies, the box will always be closed. In other words, you have to forget all of what you have learned in school and learn differently. Creativity can be considered a cognitive skill, and attaining it won’t happen overnight two, or even a week. It keeps on getting better over time. Since it is something cognitive, it can be correlated with psychology.


  • Know yourself first. That is the key. When self-recognition happens, you will realize how special you are, not just you everyone is special in their way! When you are aware of your variance, you start to think the same as your awareness. In other words, the way you perceive yourself is the same way you will always think about nearly every other aspect of your life. Feel special.

  • know your friends. Ever heard about the “you’re the sixth” quote? It defines who your friends are. If they are millionaires, you will be the sixth. If they have the “I am helpless” syndrome, you will get infected. Even when it comes to creativity, it is contagious too. Never hesitate in joining them in their activities, even if you are not convinced. Always remember that the head was programmed by Education to like the closed box, and to open it, you need to be open to new experiences.


Does the Design need Creativity or just Tool Training?


It requires both. As it is said above, let's mention that motivation is already there. You still need experience with the product, which will be attained with the tool training, and creativity, which will be attained over time.