What is Brochure Design ?

Marketing Brochure Design 


Marketing has been revolutionized through time. It started with the ideology of Hennery Ford saying, “a good product sells itself”. It is true and this can be one of the Major basics of marketing, it is the Value; that makes you better than the competitors. Speaking of competition, in the late 19th century the major competition was between small business owners and the emerging big corporates. It was the beginning of the Monopoly power. Before this time capitalism wasn’t a thing. 

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After world war II, the economies have started to recess and instead of one big corporation, there was more. So, Monopoly has decreased, however, the competition didn’t. Companies started giving samples to promoters in the street so they can attract customers. Then a decade later, printing started to get into the business, and it was the beginning of the brochure designNow, marketing has taken a revolutionary step. In the past couple of years, social media designs has taken a bigger part in our life. Hate saying this but it became a standard in society and people are addicted to it. Needless to say, that all of the 3 marketing aspects are still important to this very day. Brochures are a standard in every single business. Without it, a lot of organizations wouldn’t have made it.

What is the most common format for Brochure Design


It can be a piece of paper or a flier that is usually in A4 size, but it is bi-folded or tri-folded into smaller pages. It is used to put all of the information that you want to deliver to your potential customers find it resourceful enough to keep it, so in a way, you have to make it attractive. Here is one trick, it can be really attractive if there is a color scheme for it, each color for a page.


Honestly speaking, when someone is on the street hand us a brochure while we are driving. We tend to not usually care what is inside, we barely read it. Unless it’s food?


Even if, we keep our eyes on the road most of the time, and we put it aside, till we can read it when we arrive at our destination. Some people actually can throw it away immediately after it gets handed, but this is hands down pure rude attitude.


What can make someone still be interested in a brochure regarding that they might be facing this event every single day? It goes out without saying. It is the design.


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How to design a brochure


Let’s say that you have already selected your target audiences, and you know which customers based on the demographics selected or conducted. Always remember that simplicity beats perfect, and a semi-dynamic brief and bold design with a clear yet straight message that can be comprehended and skimmed under 10 seconds, will get the customer interested enough to know the remaining even if it will take 10 minutes.

Brochure Design Elements  

Other aspects like the color selection, starting with an intriguing question (Question marks usually make people interested). Maybe the use of reverse psychology, a trend, or even sarcasm. It has to be outside of the box so it will be on the mind rather than being on asphalt.


Need to know


Based on the product and services you offer. Finally, if you are marketing a product, let it speak for itself. For instance, if you are a traveling agency, try to put a picture of the Eiffel Tower. If you are a T-shirt shop, try to put an image of the T-shirt with a question mark or else on it. If you have this all covered, and good to go, here is how to use our tool. CLICK HERE