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How calligraphy will help your Brand Identity


Fonts can perfectly affect the psychology of the viewers. Fonts have magic to convey the message and influence our brains to make us form a certain feeling when we see the font. The word by itself might not be effective s the way and the style that the word has been written. The style of the word can trigger emotions, feelings and can even motivate the actions of the viewer. Moreover, marketers and designers have considered the font styles to trigger the purchase decisions of customers or trigger them to engage and interact with the designs. 

Calligraphy is the art of fonts and it has been used thousands of years ago. Till now, Calligraphy is one of the most inspiring font designs that can help you to inspire the viewers. Never underestimate the power of calligraphy and try to learn how to do modern calligraphy. Calligraphy has been used to write religious verses and books. It has been used to show that the people are well educated in the past. Thank God for software online programs that can help in creating calligraphic designs that would be very influential and creative. You can no longer go through the hassle of trying to work out the best font designs as software as Tasmimak can do it within seconds. Calligraphy now is used in creating logos, websites, titles, magazines, product packages, and many other visual tools that can inspire the viewers. 


What Are Calligraphy Font?

Resembling the cursive lettering of days of old and history,  calligraphy fonts are the perfect way to add a vintage feel to any design. Often made to show and look as if they were drawn with flat-tipped pens or brushes, these cursive handwritten fonts are usually including ink blotches, age spots, or other characteristics of real handwriting.


How to Use Calligraphy Fonts

Because of their hand-made quality, calligraphy fonts are incredibly popular when it comes to designing invitations, cards, certificates, appreciation words, Thank You notes, greeting cards, and even menus. They’re also great for conveying personality in brands and projects such as icons, logos, cover pages, posters, book covers, and CD packaging. Calligraphy is described simply as ‘beautiful writing’. Even the word ‘calligraphy’ is a union of two Greek words – Kalli, which means ‘beautiful’, which means ‘writing’, but if you’ve got even the faintest interest in calligraphy as an art, you’ll know there’s a little more to it than that. Calligraphy has always been used through handwriting and brushes as well as certain types of pens. Nowadays, with the help of Technology, Calligraphy fonts are being downloaded and used automatically to transform any sentence that you have to form a calligraphy design. 


How Calligraphy can influence your brand identity?

Usually, brand identities are created with uniqueness and with the power to influence the perception of the customers once they see the logo anywhere. Calligraphy can help you distinguish your brand and make it powerful as well as inspiring. Logos are what the brand is identified by. Logo templates can be inspired by the story of the brand or by the products that are introduced to the market or by any influence as location or ingredient or a person or an animal or anything else. There are two ways that you can design your logo via calligraphy. Here they are;


  • Lettermark logos

This way is known as a monogram or initial logos, or as letter mark emblems that are designed by a method of overlapping letters or glyphs to create a coherent design. It is showing a very creative design and takes on lettering makes for a robust design. Some of the strong brands that have used this method are Baskin Robins, the fast-fashion brand H&M and C&A, and it is an example of an established brand with an initial symbol. It is adopted as being a very practical and popular way that is used for businesses that have long names. The use of initials would be an effective way in increasing the remembering of the brand and in lessen visual clutter and keep the brand mark short and concise. When you use this method, Your monogram does not have to be plain as you can definitely have many choices of calligraphy that can add to the text design and make it lively. 

 person holding ice cream cone


  • Wordmark logos

This method of Wordmarks in logos will be able to complete your business name and one of the famous brands that have been using it is Barbie as it has the most recognizable script of the wordmarks. It is considered an excellent choice for small businesses and in trying to let your audience you’re your brand unabbreviated name may help them identify and remember the brand. For example, Happy Hippo.


    Jaguar emblem

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