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How To Do Modern Calligraphy?


The word “Calligraphy” has been derived from the Greek word that means beautiful writing. It is the art of fancy writing. It has been developed through the years. Calligraphy refers to creativity, beauty, aesthetic writing and also, refinement. You can use it on social media posts and make your Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and t-shirt design.

One of the most attractive writings is Calligraphy. What you might not know is that Calligraphy is Latin based and they would be either formal or informal. The formal way is when the scripts would be used as instruments of showing authority. The informal way would be as the form of quick writing that is used on everyday requirements and transactions. According to history, it has shown that the formal scripts have been showing degeneration to become the transactive way, and thus; they would be showing upgrade to become the formal status. According to the historical analysis, there are many scripts that have emerged. The showing of the complete alphabet is reflecting separate strokes in every letter and it is also showing the probable sequence of every stroke.


Calligraphy Alphabet


The anatomy of every letter would be showing that there are many variations. However, it is very important to identify the script's construction in order to be familiar with the calligraphy and its vocabulary. The headline in Calligraphy is referred to as waistline among the calligraphers while to typographers; it is referred to as indoor plant beside printed quote

Calligraphy Fonts


Calligraphy fonts are many and it has developed into different scripts as Chinese Calligraphy, Western Calligraphy, and Arabic calligraphy. The fonts of every script are very different in the rules and the shapes and in addition to the geometrical order that the page lining is being constructed. Every character is having a precise stroke that has a specific order.

Calligraphy fonts look very elegant in handwriting. They give the sense that they have been drawn with flat-tipped color or pen or brushes. Calligraphy is used in different aspects of life as in wedding invitations, events, and designs in product names, logos, art, and many others.



For example, Burgues Script. This Calligraphy font has been set by Alejandro Paul and it is considered as a font that expresses the family style of calligraphy. This font was developed at the end of the 19th century. It has been developed more by Louis Madarasz who was a very well-known American Calligrapher at the time and as the most skillful penman in the world.


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Arabic Calligraphy

It is considered as artistic and elegant handwriting of the Arabic language. It is based on the Arabic alphabet. The oldest form of the Arabic script is called Kufic. Arabic calligraphy is very well known and it is very artistic. It has been well known for its creativity, attractiveness, and diversity. It is having great potential in making use of every letter and developing more. It has been known that it is linked to the civilization of the Arabs and especially in areas such as religion, architecture, science, education, crafting, and art. The development in these areas has led to the development and the creativity of Arab calligraphy. Arabic calligraphy is usually mixed up with Islamic Calligraphy. 



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However, Islamic Calligraphy is mostly from Arab calligraphy and vice versa. Nevertheless, the two are not identical. Same for the Coptic and the Christian calligraphy, it is based on Arabic calligraphy and uses many of its rules and shapes. The Arabic alphabet has very high coverage and is well known for its shapes all over the world. It is the language used in many countries. It is believed that the Arabic language was created in the 4th century CE. It has around 28 letters and it is written from the right to the left.


Islamic Calligraphy

It is very prominent handwriting and well known for its artistic sense in every letter. It includes languages as Arabic which it is mainly dependent on, Persian, Indian and Ottoman. It is linked and derived from Qur’an. Pictures are very limited in the Islamic religion in order to prevent Idolatry and thus, the text is mainly the main link to express the Islamic handwriting. Calligraphy is a very valued Art around the world. There is an Arabic proverb that states that “the purity of the writing is reflecting the purity of the soul”. Islamic art is having a diversity of arrays that the work is created. The prevalence of calligraphy and its wide usage in Islamic writings are reflecting the centrality of the written text in Islam. Prophet Muhammad has said that “the first thing God has created was the pen”. 

It has been derived from two main styles are the Kufic which is the Arabic calligraphy and the Nashi. Although Islamic calligraphy is mainly expressing Islam it has been showing different styles as the Arabic and the Persian styles. If you would like to form interesting designs for your logo and for your product, then you can check Tasmimak as it shall help you in making the best of the Calligraphy design templates.