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Essential Photography Tips for Beginners

 You have your camera in hand and yet, your photos can do better? Are you afraid to share your picture on social media? Then, this is the article for you. Photography skills are attainable and they can be enhanced. Photography has fundamentals that can help you go to improve the quality of your photos if you just know them. And make your own brand identity and  your profile on social media ready by logo design and Facebook cover ..

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 Best Photography Tips

1. Choosing a Shooting Mode

One of the fundamentals is shooting mode. It is the way you choose to control what you want to offer to your camera. You are the one who is in charge of the shooting mode.

Shooting mode is through an auto button which gives you green color and that means OK, you point and shoot. However, this is not everything. Photos that are done with this auto shooting are usually not professional and they miss a lot from the surroundings.

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When you select the fully auto mode, you will be only having photos that are in a definite format as Jpeg. The exposure cannot be changed and in addition, the override of the flash is impossible at this stage. Moreover, you will be frustrated and you will have photos that are very limited.

Moreover, the tip is to choose the selection of the M and this is the manual. You will be able at this step to have different options that you can use. If you choose option P, then the camera will be controlling the aperture as well as the shutter. A refers to aperture priority where you will be controlling while the camera will only e carrying the balance of the shutter speed. S or T is the shutter priority and it is when you control the shutter while the camera would be balancing the aperture.

2 What is Shutter Speed exactly?

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It is the mechanical part through which your camera would be opening and closing through a set time. It is usually the following seconds as 5 seconds. It refers to the ability you have to capture several shots of a movement that happens within the frame while in case if the shutter speed was a fraction of a second, and then you will be able to freeze the action. However, if the shutter speed is very slow than 1/60 of the second, then, it is recommended that you put the camera on a tripod because if any hand movements happen, then blurring of the image shall happen.

3.   Aperture means and tips? 

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It is being set and constructed through the lens. It is the bladed hole that is responsible for the opening or the closure and it is affecting the depth of the image. It is controllable to set the F stops as there would be a slightly odd numbering system. Moreover, you won’t have to move your head many times.

The main tip is to keep in mind that the small number as for example f/2.8, would refer that the hole is opened wide and thus, it would be letting in more light while a larger number, would refer that there would be less light as f/22.

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Your lens is having both settings; minimum and maximum of the aperture setting. Moreover, when the number would be low, then the aperture would be wide and when the number would be high, then it is a narrow aperture.

 In the case of macro photography, as for example, image, then there would be a higher number that would be used as a narrow depth of the field and that is meant to help in getting more focus on the subject. When there are different subjects, then there would be different aperture techniques as the blurring of the background or the more focus.

4. What is ISO?

One of the ingredients of the camera basics is the ISO and it is the sensitivity of the camera sensor. Having a low number of the ISO would mean that the sensor is having low sensitivity to light and thus, it will produce better quality results as for example, shooting in the sun will require a higher number, and thus, making the camera more sensitive to light. Therefore, the image quality will be lost and at high numbers, there will be noise which is the appearance of speckled dots. You can play with the ISO setting when you see these dots or noise.

5. What is the exposure triangle?

The main thing that you have to keep in mind, is to keep the three ingredients well together in order to be able to have the best exposure. The manual mode will show a light meter and it would be stopping on small scale. Stops would also be related to the increments of the ISO, the aperture, and the shutter.


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6- Have courage and edit your images

You see flawless images on social media while yours are not the same? Most probably, these images are edited.
Editing is a very emotional process since you can put your emotions from the scene as the atmosphere, the feelings and you can reflect them in your images.

Thanks God, there are programs that are online to help you get the best edits of your shots and make your identity. Try Tasmimak for more templates.

 Have a good shooting