Packaging Design Tips

Do not underestimate the power of the representation of your product! Guess what? Packaging speaks louder than the product itself. Packaging box evoke emotions and help to create the judgment of the final product. 

Here are some tips to consider in the box design of your brand:

person carrying MealPro box

Box Shape

Consideration of the shape of the box and the packaging, would be creating a significant impact. The shape defines every product and unique forms often work in favor of the product. 


Packaging Color statement 

These best retail packaging designs have been selected with consideration of color. The color can complement the message you want to say and thus, they create a statement even before the customer check the product. 

Boxed water is Better carton with waves drawn on it with a sharpie

Packaging Brand Design color 

Colors evoke emotions. If your brand comes with a certain color, you can adopt this color in the box design as it will give leadership of your brand in the market among competition. For example, blue is associated with Facebook. 

white and blue cardboard box

Eco Friendly Packaging Design

Adopting brown color is always associated with eco-friendly designs and it also highlights the brand tone. Go green by showing recycled box design or adding green colors, shows supporting of the environment. It creates an influence. 

Nouri printer box

The Transparency Pack Design Ideas

Some companies started to challenge design companies by choosing a transparent packaging. The color associated with these packages should complement the tone of the product. It reflects elegance. 


The Best Bold Pack Design Ideas

Bold choices have worked remarkably for most brands, and the combination has served as a distinction for every brand. It depends also on what you are offering especially if masculine product.  Companies have experimented with different color schemes on different product lines and they work!

red roses in white ceramic vase

Keep The Packaging simple design

Sophisticated modern designs on a plain or neutral background are trendy. Don’t go for many colors but simplicity is the key. 

Product Packaging Design

The retail packaging design might differ based on the product or service rendered. Consider the size of the product and its texture. 

The Expiry

How long shall the packaging survive? The main point to be considered while preparing the custom retail & product packaging design for a consumable product depends highly on the shelf life. Consider the weather conditions, shelf life, and the logistics and moreover, create the design. 

The Packaging belongingness 

These products are considered to be an icon of lifestyle and it relates people to other social groups and thus, they are embodiment and the packaging design should communicate the same message. It shall be creating sense of belongingness of the customers to social spheres. Design the box with consideration of how the customers want to belong. 

The price per pack unit

When you carry production of many units, it shall be reflected on lower price. Moreover, consider the cost per unit as you can use the low cost to create more creative designs.

The Inner package

There could be variation in the inner package and it depends on the different products. It is the responsibility of every design company to maintain the uniformity and elegance of the retail packaging design on the outside as well as on the inside. 

The Outer Wrapper Packaging design

Usually, the packaging design does not end with the product packaging. It is used as a part of the operation and the safety objectives of the product. Brand image is affected by the packaging designs as they help in the delivering of the message to the customers. 

Packaging Design Quality

It is vital to consider the materials of the box as they will have a role to determine the success of the product. The quality is essential in visualization of the end product. Moreover, consider the material before using it and the finishing quality.

Feel it!

Elements that are used would be sending specific feeling and they would be affecting the perception of the customers. They can convey a certain story and enhance excitement or evoke feelings. Feel the material and the finishing as they play an important role in the design. 

Brand Protection

Usually, boxes and packaging are created to protect the brand. The consideration of the logistics and the temperature as well as the storage, should all be considered in the formulation of the box. 

The Appeal

Children are attracted to packages and boxes more than what is inside the box. Attractiveness of the box or the cover would be considered with the quality it offers as it will be one of the main reasons that the customers are attracted. The brand appeal is reflected through the packaging. 

Hear the sound

Well, when you manipulate the senses ,then the right influence will come. Every box is having a certain influence. Sometimes, the crackle of the box shall be creating a symphony that is associated with it. It will strongly influence your buying pattern. 

The Product Aroma

What you say when you know that you have the power to influence the customers and entice the customer? Well, Yes. This is not all about the product, but you can create the box in a way that has a certain fragrance that shall sway the judgment from the product. It will be associated with the product and it shall influence the senses of the customer. 


Packaging design has a significant say in the customer behavior. The past few decades, box designs have seen a great deal of experimentation and innovation in the market. however,  there is a broad avenue for new trends in retail packaging design and the field is wide open with creative templates ideas that can effectively present the brand.