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The Top Free Stock Photo Sites


Having a good-quality photo is one of the most important factors that can reflect the content and convey the message of your brand. There are websites that have amazing photos and they are for free. What is amazing is when you can use visual tools like images, graphics and symbols would allow you to attract the attention of the users and the readers more. It would allow you to convey the message you want without the user having to read a lot. You can arouse their interest and encourage them to start reading. Visual tools would even have a more powerful impact as they would influence the purchasing decision of the customers. It would allow them to start inquiring about the product and urge them to press the learn more button. 


green trees on forest during daytime

According to the latest studies, it has been found that the use of the relevant visualization in articles, brands, and blogs would lead to the attracting of traffic to the website more than other websites that are not having the right visual tools. Furthermore, companies and entrepreneurs. Could be using visualization tools in order that it would be creating the right influence and the right impact on the customers. Here are the top 10 free stock websites of these websites:



This website is offering you a library with more than 300,000 beautiful images with very high resolution. The images come from contributors and they are of top quality. The website has more than 1000 images that are added on daily basis. 

green grass in close up photography



This website is positioned as the top website that has a collection of high quality and high resolution of images. They would be having less quantity than Unsplash but they are significantly unique.  



This website is very different as the photos would be very professional in their production. However, they are not well-curated as the Unsplash or the Gratisography. This website is not the place where you would be able to find big header images. It provides very simple photos and they are of high quality. 



This website is offering the largest database of having content that are offering very high-quality images. It would be one of the best websites that would be offering very good content for the marketing and the business people. This website is offering free vectors as well as illustrations. 



This website is one of the best sources that have free stock photos, as well as wallpaper and textures. The collection that is offered is not as big as the one in Unsplash. However, it is well-curated. The website is offering search engines as well as it is offering the visitors the option to be browsing by category. 



This website is one of the best free stock images. The collection that is offered is very well organized and it is the website of choice to many of the bloggers. 



This website is thriving with some of the free stock photos and it has a big selection of the most beautiful free photos. This website is owned by a 24 years old photographer. 

white and gray bird on brown tree branch



This website is offering a huge selection of unique stock images and it is having a wizard that would allow you to create basic edits. They have some of the pictures in the paid version and it offers a full feature online image editing tool that allows you to edit your pictures. 



This website is stating that it has the highest diversification of the stock photos in the market and it can be true as the PSD is having mockups and contents as the famous Japanese panel prints. It is also has paid option that contributes to the Hope for Children organization.



This website is one of the best as it is offering a very simple stock collection and the community is showing that they have a mission which is to provide the emerging photographers with the opportunity to share their creative photographs and images on the platform. The collection that they have is very creative and extensive. All the images are for free. 


You can have confidence that most of the images that are placed on the free stock sites would be having a creative commons zero license which is called (CC0). Moreover, this refers to the ability you have to copy and to adapt as well as to distribute. You are free to use these photos for commercial purposes. There is no consent required. If you are still confused about the right photos that you can use in your presentation, website, social media, then you can check Tasmimak for more ideas that would help you customize the pictures and make them customized to match the needs of your business.