The Science of Colors for kids

Colors send feelings of fun, bright, livability and the way we would be suing colors would be making everything thoughtful. Colors would add more to the meaning of the words. Colors would be creating interpretation and memorable words. Once you see a colored word, the percentage that you memorize these words would be three times the effect of the uncolored word. The psychology of colors since they can convey emotions and evoke feelings. so keep in your mind children designs will help your kids grow up with creative mind.

yellow, orange, red, green, and blue abstract painting

Children are always attracted to colors and colorful toys, or colorful setting or drawings. No wonder that all children love to color and love to stain their hands and clothes and they love it! Children get attracted to the colors of our worlds and thus, many toys and manufacturers would be designing clothes to attract children through using vibrant colors. 

girl with paint of body

Do Children see all colors?

According to science, newborn infants have a vision that would be requiring time in order to be developed. Scientists argue what are the colors that infants can see and recognize when they are still infants and they find that infants can be partially color blind. They would be able to distinguish colors and see at birth but not all colors. As maturity goes on in the eyes , newborns would be very sensitive to light and thus, babies might be sleeping in a light room and not requiring a dark room to sleep in.

As the growth moves on of the babies, the eyesight of the babies would be developing and showing improvement towards the distinguishing of the lighted items to the dark ones. The bright colored items would be leading that they would be feeling joy and happy. Moreover, we find that babies would be having colorful teethers, baby gums, and baby toys that come with multi-colors in them. Parents would try to grab the attention of the babies by showing them colorful toys that will definitely draw their attention. 

What is the color perception of children?

high angle photo of assorted-color plastic balls

Children would be showing an impressive reaction to the different colors more than to the shades of the same color and thus, young children would be attracted to all bright colors and they would be looking to purple color more than that they stay to brown color. Moreover, when they see another color as green for example, their attention will be drawn away from the purple and so on. 

According to Research at Cornell University, it has concluded that the children are mainly having 6 main colors that draw their attention and they would be finding colors more appealing than the adults. Children are not attracted to grey or brown colors. They do not perceive them good enough. 

How to choose colors based on gender?

Usually parents would be purchasing an picking up baby blue for boys and the pink for girls. They would be very keen in the choosing of the colors for the babies. Transforming the room and the picking up of the furniture with designs on the wall and choosing the room theme. They would all be actions that parents make and decide based on the colors effect in children. Research has found that 57% of the men would be choosing blue as their favorite colors and another study found that women would be choosing shades of red which includes pink color.

However, it was found that the color influence is actually coming from marketing campaigns that choose to target women by colors and men by other colors. Marketing tactics are the ones that have influenced the choices of the colors in both genders. In a study that was carried in 2007, it has found that women can be able to distinguish between red to greens more than men and that would be showing how women would be attracted to pink more. 

What color toys should you use for children? 

Science proved that colors are an important factor when it comes to children. Children are attracted to vibrant colors and variety of the colors would be sending feelings of relief and happiness to children. Children can quickly be able to change their favorite color to another color. 

Colors in designs 

When it comes designing products or ads or campaigns targeting children, then rely heavily on the bright colors of the color wheel. Don’t go with light shades but on strong colors that are vibrant and multicolor would also be appealing. In the choosing of the colors, go with the triad method and select the vibrant colors. Children are attracted to banners when they see colors more than the content. Parents check the content and thus, create a design that addresses adults in a way and the children in another way. For creative designs targeting children, check Tasmimak for the best designs for room themes, logos and ads that can able to draw attention.