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The 5 ways Light and shadow combined together in photography

One of the very technical skills is the identification of the source of light and the shadow. The light areas and the darkness areas in the photography would be having magical effect when you realize how to manipulate them in the right way. light and shadows are essential in photography since they can turn the photograph to a magical and breathtaking shot. Light is when the shot is having plenty of light that is filling the subject. Shadow is not the one that is following us but shadow is the dark portions that are there in the photograph.

 Shadows can be in the sun as the light crates shadows and shadows can be in the dark. When the subject is having a source of light that is from one side, then the other side would be having a shadow which is a black spot. Managing light and shadows in photography is one of the successful effects photographers can be distinguished by the same. Opposite in photography logo, You need a templets which help you to make your own photography logo.  



How to Get the Perfect Lighting in the shot?

This is one of the most important actions that you have to make before taking the shot. The shadows are the one that provide shape to the light and they are the ones that would be drawing the focus to the light areas. Shadows would lead to a very compelling image. Moreover, when you consider shadows, consider the areas that have low light or have absence of light in them. 

Once you realize the dark spots and the low light areas, you will start to master the shadows and thus, you will be mastering light. The understanding of the sources of light and shadows would be a competitive advantage since the magic that comes out from the mix between light and shadow in the same shot is significant. 


Light and shadow combine together in photography in different ways. Here are the main 5 ways that light and shadow combine together:

Dimensional perception 

When light is created and it is present, shadow is also present in the same shot. Moreover, both they are able to differentiate between the tones. Furthermore, they would be affecting the perception of the viewer to the photography. The tones would be mainly related to the subject and thus, the dimensions of the subject can be creating more depths and it can be even separating them from the background. It will help in creating more focus to the subject. Moreover, dimensions can create dimensional photography. 

Focus Magnification

The magnification of the subject and the drawing of more attention as well as more focus would be through the combination between light and shadows. Shadows would be acting as a block and thus, shadows would lead to the division of the photograph into two main areas; the brighter part and the part that is darker. Moreover, when the subject is being placed in the spot of a lights source, more focus would be drawn to it. Moreover, the viewer’s eyes and their attention would be on the subject more. The photograph effect would be more powerful and more impactful. 



Image Contrast 

Combination between light and dark would be leading to image contrast. It would be when the light and shadows have opposition and thus, the photograph would be having contrast. The contrast leads to more drawing of attention as well as high appeal and higher attractiveness. Image contrast is having the ability to create a stronger impact than the photos that don’t have contrast. 

Empowering compositions

When light and shadows exist in the shot, there would be a high contribution to the composition of the photo and how it shall be formed through highlighting frames, negative spaces as well as leading lines. Moreover, the image would be well defined and it shall be well established the viewers would be having better interpretation of the photo and it shall be affecting their perception better.


Graphical sophistication 

One of the ways that light and shadow in photography would be working is through the creation a graphical sophistication. When light is well adopted in the photography, additional element can be added which is significantly can change the photography impact on the viewer. Shadows are created of the subject and thus, the subject and the shadow of it would lead to sophistication of the photo and making it more interesting. Viewers might even be concentrating on the shadows more than they would be on the subject itself .



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