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How to use the Golden ratio in design?

Do you want to create a logo template that stands out? A logo to be appealing for your target segment? A logo that lasts forever? You are a designer, artist, creative director, marketing executive, sales, graphic designer, or decision-maker, and then the Golden ratio is the key. Golden Ratio designs would allow you to create designs like Leonardo Da Vinci and other designers that are phenomenal. These designers have a simple concept in their designs expressed through mathematical concepts through the Greek Letter phi. It is referred to as the Golden mean, Golden ratio, golden section, or the divine proportion. It is the rule of thirds that can be applied to graphic designs to make them appealing to viewers.

What is the Golden ratio?

 The golden ratio can be explained through the proportions 1:1.618. However, it is more complicated than this. The ratio is the outcome of the Fibonacci sequence, which is a natural sequence of numbers that is usually found in many areas of life as in nature, in famous works of arts and architecture. The description of the Fibonacci sequence is very simple as it starts by 0 and 1 and then adds the last number of the sequence to the one before it to create the next one and so on as Fibonacci Sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, ...), in which each number is the sum of the previous two numbers. The Greeks have built on the Fibonacci sequence to be able to identify the difference between two numbers that are in succession and to be able to identify the sequence. This process is called the Golden ratio. However, not always the difference between the two numbers would lead to the Golden ratio as the outcome but it would be considered very close to it.

The use of the Golden ratio is adding so much value to designs and it leads to a huge improvement in the product designs. It reflects the aesthetic impression of the product on potential customers. The golden ratio is also expressed as the division of the line segment in order that it would be leading to a ratio of whole segments to the part that has the larger area to be equal to the ratio that is of the larger piece that is to the smaller area and Elucid has referred to it as the division in extreme.


Golden ratio in design

One of the main factors that would lead to higher sales and best marketing campaigns would be depending on the aesthetic value of the product and its ability to be attracting the attention of the customers from first sight. It is one of the elements that are gaining high importance. The external appearance of the design is having a direct impact on the influencing of the customer’s impression of the product. The Golden ratio is believed to have been used thousands of years ago in art, designs and it is even believed that the ancient Egyptians have referred to it in the building of the pyramids. The golden ratio has been affecting the brains in a way that our brains would tell us that these designs are pleasing more than others. Moreover, Golden Ratio is believed to have magical power in influencing our brains and to show our brains that these designs are beautiful while others are not in a way that cannot be explained. Regardless, the Golden ratio is one of the famous beliefs that it leads to successful designs and most captivating impressions.

 Using golden ratio in logo design

Scientific studies have proved that the use of the Golden ratio would be showing the beauty of the designs and it creates harmonious and even inspiring designs that we are unaware of. Creating a logo that is balanced and captivating, is not an easy task. However, tools as the Golden ratio would help in the achievement of this task. Designs are not inherently attractive unless the use of the Golden ratio is carried and utilized. Designs of logos that include the name along with the product or the service idea can only be effectively executed using the Golden ratio since it would be illustrating many ideas and concepts in the design and at the same time, it needs to show a balanced and attractive look that is understandable to the potential customers. The golden ratio can make use of rectangles, circles, lines and add them all to create the best design that can influence the brain cells and thus, creates a breathtaking impression.


One of the companies that have created the best logos in the market, customers everywhere in the world would be able to recognize it, a logo that stands out among others in a very competitive market, is Apple Logo. The logo has been created with very simple lines and very basic ideas. However, the attractiveness of the logo has been a leader for the company to use in all its products. It has successfully created an impact in the global market. It has been able to add a trademark for the company that is easily recognized. The logo has been created using the Golden ratio and thus, it shows how the Golden ratio designs are having a charming and magical impact on the human brain. The logo design and Golden ratio would be the best example that every designer should consider. Although there have been several debates regarding the Apple logo that cannot be following the Golden ratio, the creator of the Apple logo has been able to manipulate and customize the circles and thus, the logo itself has been compatible with the curves in the circle’s curves. Usually, the circles are not following the Golden ratio, but in the Apple logo, it has been manipulated in a way to fit in the design.  Nevertheless, in case Apple Logo has not been following the Golden ratio, it reflects how the design that you can create would be able to look visually appealing and well-balanced.

 To conclude, the Golden ratio is one of the best tools that allow the creation of attractive, balanced, eye-catching designs and magical designs. The golden ratio is based on Mathematical calculations and on the Fibonacci sequence. It is found in nature, art, animals, and faces. It is one of the secret weapons for the creation of successful, most appealing, and breathtaking logos. The logo that is used using the Golden ratio would be considered to be magical since studies found that it has an influence on the brain to choose these designs of Golden rations compared to others that are not designed using the Golden ratio. One of the best examples for Golden ratio designed logos is Apple Logo. It has been highly distinguished although it is very simple in its lines. Apple Logo has created a wide global coverage and preference to competition.

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