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How Golden ratio can be your secret of success


All designers and marketing content creators are looking for ways that their customers can be engaged with their visuals and their content. When you know more about the golden ratio, you will be able to edit your photos in a way that would be creating powerful Graphic designs and strong influence. The word golden is referring to perfection, value, and success and when these would be added, then it would be your winning design. 


The Golden Ratio

This concept of the Golden ratio has been witnessed to be in many designs that have been created thousands of years ago as in the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt and in Parade de cirque by artist Georges Seurat. The golden ratio has been introduced in many academic papers and thus, it became historic significance. It would be adding value to your business and create strong designs. 


How to create a Golden Ratio design?

It is designed by dividing a line into two parts and the longer the part which is A would be divided by a shorter part which is B and that would be equal to the whole length of the line divided by the longer part. To create the Golden Ratio, the subdivisions of your original line must equal 1.618.

When the Golden ratio concept has been designed, the Greeks were the first ones to put it in the equation. The Greeks started to create an attractive rectangle that is called the Golden rectangle and they would start to shape it with its proportions to create designs. Moreover, in the application of the 1 to 1.61 to an image, or a layout, or composition, it would be providing a feeling of balance to the viewers. 


  • Golden Ratio in Art

Math and art meet in the application of the Golden Ratio. The human body is even showing the application of the rule of the Golden Ratio from the proportions of the arm that would be showing the hand, the fingers, the elbow, and the lengths as well as in the art as in the Mona Lisa painting as her face would be showing that it is following the Golden Ratio. Leonardo da Vinci is referred to as the Golden Section. Da Vinci used and applied the Golden Ratio in his Vitruvian Man. Many Artists have followed as Rembrandt have used it as well.


  • The Golden Ratio in Design

Golden Ratio has been applied everywhere around us as in websites, magazines, illustrations, ads, and layouts. It has been showing the application of the mathematical principle. It can be used to guide the placement of the objects and the shapes in the designs as well as the logos.


How does the Golden Ratio Influence Spacing?

The Golden Ratio is able to help you out in the making of decisions and it will help you out in using the spacing. You can be able to place your design and set it in relation to another. It shall help you to consider the rectangle and decide the critical contents that would be blocking the site page. It shall be helping you to make use of the negative place and how to apply your logo. There would be a reduction of time and effort that you want to come up with a design that is visually attractive to the eye.  Once you feel that you are struggling, and then start by drawing a rectangle and draw the circle inside it that would be set with the perfect size and proportion to be forming the Golden Circle. Then, you start to reposition the shapes and the designs accordingly.  If the circles would be intersecting or overlapping, the Golden circles would be applied in all designs and all kinds. Whether you are trying to polish an existing logo or you are trying to start from scratch, overlapping would be showing progress in your work and allows you to alter the designs and adjust them to ensure the end result that would be consistent with your Golden Ratio. 

Twitter has applied Golden Circles to design the Twitter Logo. Google and Pepsi’s logos are also designed with the use of the Golden Circle. The golden ratio will definitely help you to create memorable designs. Golden Ratio shall help you perfectly design the shapes and the designs. it will help you to create a viable design. If you are facing struggles and confusion on how and where to start yet with consideration of the Golden Ratio, check Tasmimak for the best viable and memorable designs that are fully showing consideration of the Golden Ratio, and thus, the website will guarantee balanced and perfect designs that are visually attractive. Golden Ratio might be a powerful term, but it is a very simple tool for the secret of success of all designs.