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Removing images background is one of the basics of our daily tasks. Although it wastes time, we need to learn more about tools that could make it easy. In the following lines, I'll share with you all you have to know about removing image backgrounds using Photoshop. Besides, it tells you about free tools you can use and how to remove them online.

 ·        How to remove the background on Photoshop

·        How to remove background from image online

·        Free tools to remove image background

·        Online Program To Remove Image Background


How to remove background on Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most programs you can use to remove a picture's background even if you are not a professional designer as it's very easy to use.

You can remove image using Photoshop in this way:

  • At first, you have to open the image
  • Then, from the layer panel at the right, create a new layer by clicking the button(+)
  • Chose “Background” and be sure that other layers are unselected.
  • from the quick action menu chose “Remove Background”


Although that to remove images from Photoshop looks easy, there are many free tools you can use besides online ones.


How To Remove Image online?

Many of us don’t like to use Photoshop as it wastes time. We want to use online programs and free tools for many reasons like:

  • It's easy: Photoshop still needs graphic design skills to be able to use it, so non-designers search for an easy online tool.
  • It doesn't have the software: you can use online programs or free design tools don't anywhere unlike Photoshop.
  • It doesn’t waste time: online design programs we created to save time. You don’t need to do a list of orders to remove an image, so it helps you to save your time.


Free Online Background Removal :

  • Tasmimak is an online design program you can use to build a design from scratch.It was created for unprofessional designers so it has easy tools to use tools you can use in your design mission besides removing your image background.
  • Remove Background: one of the fastest tools you can use to remove image background. Very easy as it was created for non-professional designers. The results are very accurate and fast. You can use it by uploading your photo then click to remove background and download it
  • Media modifier: it's one of the online free tools you can use to remove background from photos. It's not as fast as removing the background as you need to do more than one step to reach your goal but the results you get still perfect till now.
  • InPixio: that is a free tool to remove background images with few clicks. It makes it easy to remove background from some images you are working on. The point is that it's very easy to use as you can select your photo then remove the background and download it. It is very fast.
  • Background Burner: another fast free tool you can use to remove background from the picture you want to use. It’s free. Fast and easy to use.