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How to get more likes on your Instagram? How to promote your business? What is the best Logo to create? How to make a catchy Instagram Logo? These are questions that all entrepreneurs and product owners are having on their minds. The logo is very important as a fact. The design of the logo would increase the attractiveness to your target segment and will definitely get you the results that you are hoping for. 

  • Branding and Instagram 

The digital era that we are witnessing is showing the rise of many new products and brands as well as services. It has created a space for business owners to show their business. However, the competition is very tough. Businesses have to find ways to make a room for themselves in this very competitive marketplace. One of the successful channels for branding to take place is Instagram. Instagram has supported home–based businesses, influencers, and young entrepreneurs to have the impact of their branding campaigns. Their newborn brands can now have high coverage in the market. They get more likes, hearts, comments, and finally, revenues. The use of Smartphones has increased tremendously and it has been a tool that influencers would use to promote many brands. The target customers have smartphones that would create the desired reaction. Instagram as a social networking website has been showing high popularity. It is inspiring more business owners day over day to use and gain more customers. 

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Nevertheless, there is more than can be done, and yet, less research is carried regarding how businesses can have the right set up on Instagram and especially, the research that would target the importance of the Logo in branding over Instagram. One of the most important strategies on Instagram in Marketing is the creation of a catchy Logo that the target customers would stop scrolling among the Photos of Instagram and check that catchy Ad. Studies have shown that customers would stop scrolling when their attention has been caught by the attractiveness of the Advertisement. The researchers found that logo creation is one of the key and the main tools that are required for catching the attention of the customer. Based on the logo template, the first judgment of the customer would take place on the brand and on the product regardless of whether the product is meeting their expectations or not. Believe it or not, but the impact of the logo would go beyond the attraction of the customer as it helps in the decision-making process of the customer and finalizing the deal. 

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  • Logo Importance
The creation of an attractive logo is very important as it has to stand out among the other brands in the market. It has to leave an impression in the minds of the customers and it has to affect the perception of the customers. Customers set their perception of the company and on the product from the impression and the perception that they have formed about the logo. The logo has to be catchy since Instagram is a very crowded platform with pictures. It is fascinating to note that Instagram is one of the platforms that generate huge sales that is equal to a well–established e-commerce business. Position your brand through the creation of the right logo that would enable you to get the expected sales you have forecasted and even more.
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  • Instagram for setting your business 

In qualitative research that has taken place through In-depth interviews among three business owners of more than 10,000 followers, it has concluded that Instagram is the best platform that aspires business owners to establish their business and start generating revenues. Instagram has also been found that it saves many businesses from exiting the market. It is a savior platform. Instagram is the way to create good branding, set impactful strategies and marketing, and to have an edge over others in the market. Instagram has been launched in 2010 through an application, and within just 7 days, it has gained more than 100,000 followers and in a period of two months, it has been showing more than one million followers on the application. It reflects the power of Instagram in attracting many followers. Instagram is showing an extraordinary power to attract the attention of the users and compared to any other social media, Instagram is the right and most impactful application to attract users and create followers.

  • Logo and branding appeal 

According to a study that has taken place in 2003 by Millward, it addressed the senses and the appeal of the rand. It concluded that the successful branding appeal would have to influence the sight as the first and the most important sense. Then, the other senses would come as the smell, sound, taste and touch. The creation of a logo would definitely affect the sight which is the most important sense that would be required to influence the customers. How would sellers then be able to influence the sight of the customers? They would be using Instagram and creating the right impactful logo to affect the customers. Although the online store is lacking the ability of the customers to physically experience the product, the sight of the brand logo influences the credibility of the brand from the online store. The credibility of the brand is linked to the generation of sales, purchase decisions, and finally, customer experience.

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