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What Comes to Your Mind When You Think of Advertising?

From printing ads to ads on TV and social media, advertising has been changing over time although the need and the goals for advertising are still the same. 

Objectives of Advertising 


Advertising is very important as it increases sales, draws revenues, creates awareness, increases preferability, coverage, and preference. The right advertising increases the chance of your product to stand out. The market is highly competitive and it has many rivals offering the same or very similar product or service. Standing out requires the right advertising. As well as choosing the appropriate platform to promote the product or service such as Instagram posts or any platform.

time-lapse photography of crowd of people on New York Time square during night time

Advertising Best Practices

There are many practices that have been adopted by many companies in the market. Advertising is an art and it has been evolved to modern advertising and the inclusion of new media channels, has supported its evolution. Advertising techniques when they are applied and implemented in the right way, magic shall happen to your brand. 

a) Emotions

The best advertising practice is to create an ad that is appealing to emotions, that can link to your audience’s feelings and emotions. Emotional appeal is what can trigger people to start the action and influence their purchasing decision. Commercials that are linked to people’s emotions would perform the best. Studies have revealed that the main driving motive to people is their emotions. The emotional response would be translated through more views, more purchases, and more sales. 

b) Design process

The second best practice is the ad format and the design process. The ad format is a very important step as it will be designed according to the media channel that you will use. For example, Facebook posts is having more than 8 ad formats and thus, the design will differ according to the purpose of the marketing campaign. 

c) Ad Placement

It is a very important tip as the placement of the ad is very important as the ad format will depend on it. Ad placements would be on Desktop Newsfeed, Desktop right columns, Marketplace, Stories, Apps, and others. 

d) Value proposition

Consider the showing of the value of the brand in the design of the ad through the image and the message. The ad design grabs attention and builds the value proposition. 

e) Ad Design and psychology of color

The ad design should be having colors. Colors are very important as the image itself or the message. According to a study that was carried in 2020 in Management Decision, most of the judgments of the viewers of the products are related to colors. Colors that are used should be grabbing attention, defining the identity of your brand, associate with any practices that have the emotions that are related to the brand and are meant to be aroused. 

f) Landing page and your ad design 

The ad design should be considered especially on the landing page. In case that the ad design and the landing page design are not synchronized, then it can certainly affect the return on investment of the ad and the business. Tasmimak can help you in easily creating the ad design on your landing page and of your templates design. The design and the landing page should be having some elements concerning the design to be common and matching as the fonts, the colors, the arrangement of the image, and the landing page is considered as a continuation to the advertisement. 

g) Image size

In the designing process of the ad, the size of the image or the video has to be with the right formatting from setting the size and the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio shall help in the fitting of the information in the ad and it shall be avoiding the presence of any space that would be lost or margins.

h) Right Image 

The best image is usually the right one that matches the brand and the message. The right image shall be representing the brand and it has to be carefully chosen or designing it by custom made in order to be able to meet the expectations of your marketing campaign and the results that you aspire from the Ad. The right image shall be telling the story of your brand, reflecting the value, the differentiation of your brand to others. The image has to be of high resolution or high quality. It should be showing your product. The best design would be the one that has fewer words while delivering the message effectively. 

I) Intense Image 

Choose the photo that has the highest intensity. 

Not everyone can take the perfect shot. However, some programs would help you create the most powerful image as Tasmimak which is an online photo editing program that would help in supporting you to get the right effects. It is very impressive to use an actual photo or a real one of the product or the shot and work on it. However, it is not possible sometimes as it can get very complicated when the right environment is not there, or the product requires certain preparation. Moreover, an online photo editor can create the right design with powerful effects.