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How to design an appealing company Portfolio?

Portfolios are very important in all aspects of life. There are many types of portfolios as career portfolio, company portfolio, and product portfolio. Portfolio gives perspective to the customer about the company’s strengths, the business, its products, its areas of competitiveness and it makes the customer imagine how it will be like when they are working with you. The company’s portfolio is like the CV of the company. It gives the potential customers details about the company. It gives an in-depth insight into how the company is competitively different than other companies in the market. 


The portfolio has to be creative full of visuals and texts that contain a key of attraction to the customers. It has to be competitive to be able to retain customers. Studies have proved that the first impression has an impact on the customer purchase decision. Studies also proved that customer retention is much more difficult than gaining new customers. Moreover, you have to always develop the portfolio in order to keep your stance ahead of the competitors in the market. For doing that well you need a design like cv can reflect the experience. And give you a chance to shine. Tasmimak will help you shine by providing a portfolio design and CV design.


What is a company portfolio?

It is the area of the line of business of the company. It has to include the product lines, product extension, company’s history, vision, mission, and company’s areas of operation, employees’ number, successes, strategic units, and the strategic goals.  



One of the success factors is to create a business company portfolio that is showing how your company stands out among the competition and to show how it is the right decision for the customers to set business with rather than other companies. You shall give them the reasons to choose you. 

  • Product Portfolio 

It is the set of products and/ or services that the company offers in the market. Portfolio can cover the products that have the highest market growth, the market leadership, and it should show the differentiation of your products than other products in the market. 


How to Build a Professional company portfolio?



The company portfolio has to cover the following information: 

  • Company’s history, the owners, the details of the company, the line of business, the number of employees, and the locations of operations. 

  • Successful projects, company achievements, awards, audits, and sponsorships. 

  • Media coverage of the company, press releases, and articles.

  • It can include customer experiences, feedbacks, testimonials, reviews, and the good experience that the customers have when dealing with your company.

  • Add visuals like graphs, details that reflect the product regression.


the advantages of Company Portfolio



The company portfolio reflects credibility and reliability. It reflects the trustworthiness of the company. It highlights potential projects. A company portfolio should leave a strong impression about the company and leaves no doubt that the company is the best choice. Customers can see how you can solve problems with dealing with your company based on the achievements of the company. It shows the range of work that the company can be able to provide to the customers. The company portfolio impresses potential clients and it helps you earn new customers. Many customers even ask to check the company’s portfolio before the first meeting or at the first meeting. It helps to influence the purchasing decision of the customers and helps them make their decisions.


Examples of Portfolio Company 

One of the successful company portfolio examples is Zeiss Group. The company has an online portfolio. The company has stated beside its line of business, product, and service, it has included a map that has six business groups that are grouped in four main segments. It helps to support the navigation of the customers according to their area of interest. Every business unit has its portfolio of products, services, and history. 



How to make a construction company portfolio? 


The construction company portfolio has to cover the following points:

  • Highlighting projects: it has to show the successful projects, the reviews, the successes, and the competitiveness, the deadlines, the delivery, the quality, and all the reviews. 

  • Quality: prioritize the quality of the services, projects, materials, and finishing quality. 

  • Visual appealing: add graphs, data, numbers and more, that would reflect the main highlights of the company and its projects. 


Creative Portfolio template Free

In the creation of a company portfolio template, there are different websites that help in the building of the company portfolio. It is the easiest way since the templates have very attractive designs. Templates would cover questions about your company as Why, What, Who, How, and when. 


Some of the following are designs of company portfolio template ideas that show very high attractiveness and professional look:


  • Add Mapping

Classify your business lines and products in a map or buttons that can be user-friendly and will definitely assist your potential customers in finding what they are looking for and exploring the company’s products and services. The following is one of the successful templates:


  • Use high resolution 

When setting the main page of the company with all your icons, always use high resolution in order to show quality and send communication effectively. 


  • Stay updated

Since the digital world is advancing around the clock. It would be very important that the website is showing updates around the date. 


Construction portfolio templates

The following template is showing the powerful construction through the yellow color and at the background the grey color. This template is a very creative mix of colors.



The next template is showing how a portfolio can be attractive in the front by showing some of the tools used in construction.