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Whether you’re a Restaurant logo , construction logo, Islamic logo , or whatever type of business you have, with Tasmimak, you will always find your desirable Logo within a Few clicks.


Colorful Impact: The Psychlogical Impact of Colors


Fun fact: Every color that is used ends up subconsciously affecting the potential buyer’s mind. In other words, there is a psychology behind every color selected. So, make sure that the selected colors actually reflect the true personality of your Business/Startup.


Feel free to check more about how the color can differentiate your brand in the links below., you know what is common between KFC, MacDonald’s, Hardees, Chicken Fil-A, Arby’s, and much more? Besides the fact that they are all international fast-food chains. If you looked at their logos, you would find that the most dominant color in their logos is Red. 

Colorful cleaning services logo maker

Colorful cleaning services logo maker (Browse More logo Designs)


Psychology of Colors in Marketing and Branding 


Why so? Red creates the sense of Urgency, and refreshes the appetite; that might explain why the “Sale sticker” on shops are usually in Red. In addition, the color has physical effects when it comes to the blood pressure and the heart rate. Adrenaline, and us as human nature, we look for dopamine everywhere. That is why most Ferraris are red to say that their products are made for exceptional adrenaline experience. Colors like yellow represent optimism, affirmations, and youth. While Black reflects wealth, power. That is also why most of the motivational quotes are a Mix between Yellow and Black. One thing about Jumia that makes it remarkable, yes, their color choice. Orange can sometimes create anxiety, so the “Impulsive Buyers'' finds serotonin buying things online. See how colors and brain chemistry are correlated?

Delivery man online logo creator

Delivery man online logo creator (Browse More logo Designs)


Something Catchy?


Imagine that you are driving on the highway, and you have seen a billboard. You might not have the chance to see the whole advertising, just a quick glance. But what has grasped your attention first? Is it the Logo? The Layout Design? The Slogan? Maybe the Unique hotline number? Whatever it was. People tend to have busy lives.


Modern-day technology has made people really impatient; so, they don’t have all day to see or judge something new. You have to create something that is eye catching. Whether it is a slogan or a logo, pick your wildcard. The choice can be done through repetitive market research, and after you finally decide, try to prioritize the Spotlight to it among the other advertising components.


Best Logo Design Program 


Step 1 of logo design


Select Your desired logo template.



Step 2of logo design


Personalize Your logo Template.



Step 3 of logo design


Add/Drag/Upload/Choose your picture.



Step 4 of logo design


Add your desired logo text.




Step 5 of logo design


Add a shape. You can search within +50 shapes.



Step 6 of logo design


You can choose a clipart; just search for your desired clipart. Since it is a security company, I chose a Gun.



Step 7 of logo design


You can add drawings with limitless colors to your Template, i.e.: it works best with a Drawing Pad.




Step 8 of logo design


You can resize your template based on your preferences.





You can check how many layers are applied to your design through pressing layers.


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