Combinations of Fonts


What is a good font to use in designing?


Making a whole design independent of one font won’t make the human eye curious to analyze the further details. In other words, it linearizes the hierarchy of the view. That being said, a diversity is needed.


What is a good font to use in designing?

Designing is artistic, what is also aesthetic is the cloths we wear. You can’t wear a brown boot on lime green shorts with a black top. Possibly, what you are going to wear is based on where you headed, who you are meeting, timing, season, and much else. But the dressing part is more of cognitive.


Why Font selection is so important?

However, the design is Artistic. Both of them are skills in summary, and whether you perfected the outfit, or the design, and forgot about a small detail, in both scenarios, the impressions that will be left could be misleading. No matter how small the detail is.


A lot of the effort will go to drown. In order to know how to get a leading font, you need to know which Design blend and view hierarchy will fit the best according to your type of service. The Psychology of Design.



What are the 4 major font types?



Script Fonts:


For example, you know these types of Handwritten look alike fonts. The ones that seem like a doctor’s prescription. Don’t worry, even if it sounds terrible, a 5-year-old can read it briefly and clearly. It is categorized as a “Script Font”


 The use of this font type will actually reflect some elements like vibrance and flexibility.


World-class designers approved that Script fonts can blend in well with the Serif fonts. Which will be discussed now.


Serif Fonts:


Basically, serif fonts are the fonts that have sharper lines around the edges. Take the Times new Roman for instance see how it is different than the San-Serif Calibri font I am using? You see how the edges are way sharper in the Roman in contrast with the Calibri?


The specialties added towards the edges, angles, and ends of the letters. It adds an aesthetic appealing value.


San-Serifs (Non-Serifs):

Even if Non-serifs can sound boring, if it is added with bright colors, it can deliver a Static meaning towards the design. It works best it the design is for a beach house, things that includes vacation, summer songs album. Anything with sunlight, sand, and sea will deliver the right meaning behind it.



Decorative Fonts:

The decorative fonts withdraw the same impression of a fur or wool jacket. It is fashion, modern, and yet timeless. Yet you need to wear it at specific climate, and it won’t replace the suit, I meant Serifs. One or few of these font types can surpass the hierarchy theory mentioned above because they can be really appealing and relevant for most Markets yet won’t suit all businesses; it won’t work for a bakery, but it can work for a tech startup.


Yes, it can be futuristic, and it can also be Gothic; it won’t suit a restaurant, but it can suit a Bar serving hard drinks for Biker gangs. It can be really diverse, some of these fonts can actually be a good fit for a nursery or a workspace.



How do I pair a font like a pro? On website…


There is no such thing as the best “combo” if you are intending to avoid the cliches. Usually, the blend of fonts should be harmony even if it is in Irony. Meant to say, opposites attract, you must’ve heard this word before. Being on two different polarities creates a balance, and that is what we need.


For example, Serifs was always known for their old fashion, and classic design. Unlike the sans-serifs and Decorative fonts. Both of them are actually modern, smooth, and sleeky. Decorative is considered to be more futuristic and less simple than Sans-serifs.


To apply the best combo, you need to select two fonts, select the content, and create the view hierarchy based on what you want to prioritize for your visitors.


You can actually use more than two. Content could be divided into 3 things. Engagement, Transition, and Informing.


Google’s most common fonts



You might have a guessing for it. Yes, you’re right. It is mostly Serifs and San-Serifs.


If you are an academic, use Libre Franklin & Libre Baskerville. It is modern, simple, and poetic.


Adrenaline, and Environment related content would seem a lot more interesting if Oswald & Roboto were the fonts. They will help in psychologically reflecting elements like Stamina and Solitaire.


“Wish we can turn back time to the good old days”.  If this quote has to be placed somewhere on the internet. I guess Josefin Slab & Josefin Sans would be one of the best candidates that can truly reflect the sense of nostalgia.



Font combinations generator


Welcome to the 21st Century, where AI takes over systematic routines, and the people will be forced to be creative. Well, AI can also be creative with the Integration of the Deep learning knowledge. But it can never outsmart Humans in creativity. It can only outsmart the people who can’t think outside the box, or the people who lack of a specific experience that AI is programmed for. Like choosing fonts. If you still couldn’t make up your mind on Selecting a font, go check