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Ever heard that Quote saying, “Never Judge a book by its cover”? Do you know why such a quote exists? It is because most of the people who get attracted to a book, approach it because they found the Cover interesting. Real readers will affirm that it was never about the cover, it is all about the content. It can be educational, poetic, philosophic, or else.

It is agreed that not all of the readers get attracted to the Cover Design by itself. Maybe there is an eye grasping or controversial Motto. Especially when it comes to philosophy, these people like to debate and to prove their points or learn new ones. So maybe a motto that includes two opposite opinions with a question mark can be attention-grabbing to a lot of individuals.

Also, what makes someone buys something? For instance, what makes me pay a monthly subscription to Spotify? They gave me a trial for the premium version. They gave me a tease. Tease. It is what you want in order to achieve good profits. How so? Maybe say something interesting about the book? What makes it special? It can be a motto; it can be a novelty. Maybe you can somehow show how can you make a book one of its kind? Like there is no other book like it? If you have the novelty, then why don’t you show it?

How colors and types of designs reflect the book content.

See, again, there is a psychology behind every color, and your choice will be based on the ideology of the book, and how it is written. Maybe if your content is about love and peace, a vibrant collection of colors like, yellow, white, and maybe red will give the potential reader the vibe of the book. However, if the content is generally about Darkness and Power, then maybe colors like Black and Gloss Gold will show the readers that this book is thrilling and psychological. Whatever is your book category, you will always find a book that generally talks about the same ideas.

Don’t feel disappointed when you are not the first one to discuss a specific topic. It is not about what you say, it is about how you say it. You can say two sentences with the same synonym but deliver two different concepts.

Look at Brightside, being a creative author can make you deliver a new concept and engage with your readers differently, and you want to start that engagement with an alluring cover. You can have so many ideas about the cover, so many that you can’t decide. In that case, you don’t need any more ideas, you need inspiration.

You might take the privilege of not being the first in your genre to look at the other designs of your book’s category. In other words, get the ideas behind the designs; you will more than 3 variant designs for sure, and from these ideas, create yours. It’s known that writers despise plagiarism but looking for designs to get inspiration isn’t compared with any means to piracy or copying.


 For instance, if the same genre book’s color is black, you can use dark grey. If there are stars in the background, you can use galaxies, and if there is a moon, you can use planets like Mars or Saturn. You get inspired, and you are still being creative. You are just gathering some ideas about where you should start.


Let’s assume that you finally had the design in mind, you have decided the colors you will use, the quote or motto, and it’s only missing the pictures. There are a lot of websites that can give you nonprotected, and free pictures. Things like Pinterest, Pixabay, and Unsplash. You can also find more diverse collections at Shutterstock; however, it can cost you money.


 As you can see, our online tools are as simple as everything on our platform. What is the point of the complexity of things? I mean, you have something on your mind, and a graphic designer will cost you numerous cash to give you the same quality, service, and flexibility. It was mentioned before that our online tools are meant to be simple as editing a picture for an Instagram post.

Anyone can do it. Individuals that age from 15-50 won’t have any trouble operating the tools. You can also watch some of our videos on how to use Tasmimak.



We assure you that you will be getting your desired outcome. From our diverse templates to the flexible platform, to the response of Tasmimak support to your feedback! We will always make sure that you will be getting your desired Book cover.