Pinterest design sizes guide

Pinterest Photo design sizes, Pinterest Cover template dimensions 

Pinterest design sizes guide



This social media platform has become one of the highest and most effective social media platforms that share ideas, aspirations, and themes. It has many images and many search queries and subjects. Get your Post noticeable and recognized with the most creative Pinterest template designs ever. Choose now and check the below guide dimensions: 




Profile Photo

165 × 165 px

Board Cover Photo

222 × 150 px

Pin Sizes (Portrait)

735 × 1,102 px


Dimensions for Pinterest Post and Cover

With Tasmimak, you can share all the posts and photos you desire on Pinterest without thinking about the dimensions that the platform demands. We have templates for posts and covers specifically designed for Pinterest. We also have the option to modify the template to fit the standard sizes for Pinterest.

Pinterest Profile photo

The recommended size for your image should be 280 x 280 pixels square which will be cropped and it would be shown as a circle. 

Pinterest Pins

The optimal image dimension is 735 x 1102 px pixels, however, pins will be displayed with a width of 238 pixels with scaled height. 

Pinterest Board cover

The Board cover frame is square with a recommended size of 600 x 600 pixels.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pinterest profile photo dimension?

The Pinterest profile photo dimension is 165px × 165px 

What is the Pinterest Board Cover Photo dimension?

The Pinterest Board Cover Photo dimension 735px × 1102px 

What is the Pinterest Pin Sizes?

The Pinterest Pin Size 222px × 150px

What ratio is best for Pinterest?

The recommend ratio is 2:3