Graphic Design Size Guide

The Ultimate Guide to the Sizes of Our Graphic Designs

This is all you need to know about the sizes of the graphic designs for each social media platform. 

With Tasmimak’s online graphic design platform, you will find the templates for any social media post that you are looking for and they are already designed with the size that each social media platform requires. 

You can find expertly designed templates for facebook posts, stories, or highlights for twitter, facebook, instagram, and youtube. You can even edit the template that you like to fit the standard size for the desired social media platform.

Social Media Dimensions Guide

Every social media platform requires specific sizes and dimensions for the posts they approve of. With Tasmimak, you no longer need to go and search for them online. We have them ready for you. The dimensions that you need for the social media post you want to upload on the platform of your choice are available for immediate use. You can pick the templates with the dimensions that you are looking for, or you can modify the sizes of any other template.




WhatsApp Images

Soundcloud design


Social Media Dimensions

Advertising Poster and Flyer Dimensions

Guide to Advertising Poster and Flyer Dimensions 

Tasmimak has all the information you might need when you are designing an advertising poster or flyer. You don’t need to do much because all our templates are designed to be edited according to the size you are looking for. Just simply select the template that you like and it is easy to modify the dimensions.

ID card design

Roll up



Size Guide for Commercial Uses 

All the commercial essentials that your business needs are available here at Tasmimak. We have skillfully designed  templates for invoices, payment receipts, and so on. Once you select the design that fits your requirements, you can simply edit it to fit the appropriate dimensions.

Wedding Invitation

Business Card


Size Guide for Commercial

Personal Material

Personal Material dimensions

All the graphic design essentials that you might need for your personal use are available at Tasmimak. On this platform, you have easy access to the size guide for anything that you are currently designing. We have pre-made templates  for CVs, business cards, invitation cards, or any other design that you are personally looking for with the proper dimensions for each one of them.



Payment Receipt

What you Need to Know about the Size Chart 

All the sizes and dimensions that you might need for designs are available at Tasmimak. Once you choose the design that you like from our templates, you can edit it to match the size requirement for the social media platform you wish to share it on. .