Facebook design sizes guide

Facebook post sizes, Facebook cover dimensions and Facebook story dimensions

Facebook design sizes guide

One of the highest exposures of the social media platforms is Facebook. It has gained its popularity ,its reach ability and reputation to be the number one worldwide social media platform. Moreover, it is the gate to reaching your customers and your potential segments. Moreover, Tasmimak is offering you a wide selection of facebook templates that allows you to choose from and customize. These are the size chart and dimensions of the Facebook templates accordingly



Profile Picture size

180 × 180 px

Cover Photo dimensions

820 × 312 px

Image Post size

1,200 × 630 px

Shared Link Images dimensions

1,200 × 628 px

Tab Images size

111 × 74 px

Event Image dimensions

1,200 × 1,080 px

Facebook Ad size

1,200 × 628 px

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Facebook Profile Photo size

If you are an entrepreneur, influencer or having an online page, or online business, always make sure to notice the dimension of the profile photo as it shall be the recognition mark and sometimes it is your logo that everyone shall see. Moreover, the uploading of an image on Facebook would be showing how Facebook allows you with the crop option to reach your ultimate size. Facebook profile photos dimensions would be having a standard size at 180 x 180 pixels on computers and  128 x 128 pixels on most smartphones.


Cover photo dimension

The ultimate size of 820 x 312 pixels on computers and the size of 640 x 360 pixels is on smartphones.


Facebook Event cover dimension

The size is 1200 pixels wide by 628 pixels tall.


Facebook posts size

It is an image or a photo with a 3:2 aspect ratio as it has to be a thumbnail. 


Facebook ads dimensions

The best dimensions for the Facebook ads is 1.91:1 ratio with recommended dimensions of 1200 pixels wide and 628 pixels tall. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard Cover size for Facebook?

The standard Cover size for Facebook is 820 × 312 px

What is the pixel size of facebook post?

The pixel size of facebook post is 1200px x 1200px

How to make a Facebook Post?

With Tasmimk platform you can create facebook by yourself with zero experience in graphic design, Just browse Facebook posts and start design it through sample Editor.