What is Tasmimak?

    Tasmimak is a graphic design website that makes it easy for everyone to create logos, social media posts, business cards and much more catering to all their graphical needs using easy designing tools and simple Arabic templates.

What do Tasmimak packages contains?

    All packages contains the free cliparts, shapes and all backgrounds

Which designs can i create on Tasmimak?

    All types of designs, if you didn't find your needs please contact us

How i can access the premium designs?

    Select one of the available packages that suits your needs and subscribe in one of them, that\'s all you need to be able to access your preferred premium designs

Do i need any experience in graphic design to use Tasmimak?

    No, you don’t need any experience in graphic design. The platform is created to be the easiest way for our users to design.