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Supposing that you are an independent business that already has its clients. Businesses also would like to make new clients. But how? The marketing techniques won’t be discussed here because it requires a specialist based on your business type.

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Attain and Retain: However, either to maintain or attain A customer some sort of a contact method shall be applied. Marketing calls can be used as a form of contact, and if the recipient is already a customer, some sort of follow-up calls shall be implemented. People are busy nowadays, a marketing call or a follow-up call usually happens when the resident is busy somehow or not even interested. Calling a customer again and again while they are not interested, can be considered spam, and that hurts the company image. So to avoid this, another method shall be used. Try email letters or maybe actual letters that are delivered to the recipient's house. The good news is email marketing is one of the most famous ways of marketing. The bad news is it is usually sent directly to the spam folder. Potential customers check their spam unless there is a special occasion, that is regarding something that is mostly not within favor to your business, it could be something else. It is not pessimism, it is realism. But it is okay. You should be asking yourself this, what makes the customer check my email. Now let us use the ultimate logical way of thinking.  

Letters, Explained: But firstly, let us have a brief understanding of the purpose of the Letter. Letters are a way to deliver a specific message. Just like the old times, when the Greeks were contacting ancient Egypt. They did it through letters, well they didn’t have emails at the time of course, but the same idea a paper with a message that needs to be delivered.

Why? It could be about promotional offers and discounts, a service you’re trying to establish for the first time, maybe a new milestone. There are a lot of reasons to deliver a message, but it is usually something that might be interesting from the customer's perspective. What does it reflect? Usually, it reflects things like the authenticity of your company, and how proactive and professional your businesses. Also, it subconsciously delivers a message to the customer that your company doesn’t rely on one specific type of advertising or messaging, it relies on diverse types. Which ends up delivering a message again to the customer that your company is business-oriented and planning for the future just like any other S&P 500 company. What does a letterhead contain? What is the first thing the customer sees about the email? The heading of course right? Now, what type of heading are you intending to use? Always keep in mind that you need something catchy to boost your chances. Once the customer opens your message, a visual stimulus should be implemented. (That will be discussed in detail shortly). Starting from your company‘s logo on the top, to your contact information and address on the bottom, and then lies the body which is the main content of the message in between. Speaking of the main content, things that include gratitude and humbleness was always a good way to communicate with the customer, because it ends up making them feel good about themselves. But what about sounding beneficial as well, like for instance, showing The recipient what advantages are they going to receive from just interacting with you. Letterhead Design Ideas. Always keep in mind does the letter design will always hold captive of your brand image, so it is better if it holds good and gentle. That being said, things like what will be the background should be questioned. We didn’t know that the logo should be on top, shall it be on the right or the left or the middle or where exactly? Now we got the logo placement sorted, shall a color gradient be used? Maybe you are feeling confused, but It is alright, we got you. A basic piece of advice is that the color scheme that is used, should be the same color scheme of your company. Just keep it colorful and vibrant, and you can read more about the colors and their various stimulus through our color psychology content here (insert hyperlink). No, assuming that you have got it already sorted and you know what is the color scheme that you’re using. You can check from our diverse free Templates what leather suits best for your company and suits best your extrinsic taste. Speaking of free, you can feel it through editing the templates designed by our team through our flexible tool that requires null knowledge of graphic designing. Just drag and drop, and here is how you can use it.

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