Pick Outstunning Facebook Covers with Tasmimak

One of the secrets of having a catchy Facebook page is to have a creative and fresh Facebook cover designed by Tasmimak. If you are an entrepreneur or influencer or you want to design your Facebook personal page, then these Facebook Cover layouts of Tasmimak are the best!

You shall have a wide range of Facebook covers to have access to including graphics, illustrations ad amazing Facebook cover ideas that allow you to gain access to high quality and amazing designs in few minutes.

How to Create a Facebook cover

Customize Online Facebook Covers Maker -Tasmimak

  1. Explore a wide range of templates
    You will land in the Facebook cover templates area. This area shall enable you to have a wide range of miscellaneous themes, colors, ideas, moods, and styles that would be the best fit and your ideal choice for the creating of a catchy Facebook page that you are looking for. Whether you want to create your amazing personal profile or you want to create a catchy Facebook page for your business, you will gain access to the best Facebook templates ever. 
  2. Enjoy exclusive features
    Facebook covers are always at your preferences as they cover a wide range of features that will meet all your preferences and your taste. You shall count on these Facebook covers to find what you are looking for. Facebook covers might be animated or stationary or they can be in video formatting or photo. You can even have the animate feature that would be leveling up your Facebook page. The tool of drag and drop from the Tasmimak library would allow you to customize and download in no time. 
  3. Personalize your Facebook cover
    You want to personalize the Facebook cover and template, then you can make it unique and upload your photos, videos, texts, your words, and you can use the branding elements that help you to personalize and stand out. You choose color schemes, font style, layouts, attractive typography, and texts. You don’t have to have graphic skills as it is very simple, easy, and friendly user. Choose the best layout that fits you. 
  4. Upload to your page
    When you have finished designing your cover design, you will be able to download, save and thus, you can be able to upload it on your Facebook profile. You can even return to create any changes that you want in your design. 

Time, effort, and budget are your challenges? 

Tasmimak platform is one of the most successful and unique platforms to offer you the best Facebook cover that you are looking for. You don’t have to look anymore for a graphic designer to help you with the design or you don’t have to set a budget to get the design your want for your Facebook cover and you don’t have to search the internet to get inspiration for your Facebook cover design. All you have to do is to choose the Facebook cover that you like. drag and drop the Facebook cover that you like and stand out with your Facebook. Incorporate shapes, fonts, themes, colors, and texts as your preference. 


One of the main challenges that many people face is keeping out with the image dimensions. These Facebook cover layouts are the best as they are all already provided to you in the best format dimensions that would perfectly fit your Facebook cover. Moreover, to provide the optimum resolution, you can count on these facebook-covers as they will serve the purpose amazingly. 

Cooperation and Synergy 

synergy and cooperation between team members are very important and that is why Tasmimak has considered this need and allowed teams to engage and cooperate in the designing process of the Facebook covers. Furthermore, you can invite the members of your team that you want to have collaboration by sending them invitation e-mail and start designing in a very short time and share opinions. 

Use unique premium images or upload one

You can always upload your image for free and at the same time, you can always have Tasmimak unique image that you can use with having access to premium images, illustrations, shapes, themes, and graphics. Many of these images are even free and the rest are of very low price that allows you to gain a very unique professional graphic that saves you all the time, effort, and budget to get a graphic designer. 

Customize Online Facebook Covers Maker -Tasmimak

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Facebook cover photo cost?

Tasmimak has managed to provide you with miscellaneous and wonderful designs of Facebook covers for free, in addition, Tasmimak is also providing you premium and unique designs that you can have at the lowest price.

Should I pay money to get a Facebook cover design?

Tasmimak is offering you a range of wonderful facebook covers that are remarkable and free. Tasmimak is also offering you unique Facebook covers that allow your Facebook to stand out with little cost in case you would like to level up your Facebook cover. 

How can you get inspiration for a catchy Facebook cover design?

You don’t have to search anywhere else as this library has different designs, shapes, designs, and inspirational Facebook cover ideas that will enable you to get the catchiest Facebook cover design.