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Design a QR code to track your campaign success

One of the main characteristics of QR codes is to be added to campaigns that allows you to track the number of times that your product has been scanned and used and thus, you get more statistics and more insights of your designs and business. Manage your business effectively and create your QR code now.


Create a fancy QR code to stand out

Most of the QR codes in the market are made similar and very alike and thus, Tasmimak allows you to have full creativity in the designing process of your QR code. You can have many possibilities in the designing process as you can have it transparent and you can have a colorful QR code or you can have a multicolor QR code. Moreover, you can get your QR code in a few seconds without relying on any company or professional graphic designer to create it for you. Create your QR code now and get it in a few seconds. 

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Have a full QR code management

One of the main features of Tasmimak is that you can create a QR code with different colors, shapes and designs that allows you to edit the QR code and change it at any time. The management of the QR code allows you to have full control of your business. 

Get a scanning insights in seconds with the QR code

One of the vital features of having a QR code is to have a scanning and following of the number of times that your QR code has been scanned and thus, you can track the success of your product and the number of times that the customers have used the product and made a QR code scanning. 
 What are you waiting for? Create your attractive, fancy and outstanding QR code with the easiest templates and the most user friendly designing tools. Get your dynamic QR code now. 

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How to use create QR code?

Free online QR code generator

  1. Login to Tasmimak
    You will need to create an account on Tasmimak and you can login. Once you log in, you will have a wide range of services, designs and creations that are waiting for you to choose from. Choose QR code
  2. Designing tools
    You will have the editing tools open for you so you can create your QR code. You can change the size, the dimensions, the colors, and the design in a way that suits your objective. You can design like a professional designer
  3. Editing tools
    After you are done with the design and you have created your QR code, you can always edit through logging to your account once again and choose your saved QR code and edit. You can edit and change in a way that makes your QR dynamic and attractive
  4. Get your QR code
    After you are done with the designing process and the editing, you now have your QR code. You can download it on your computer and apply it on your products and use it as you like. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a QR code for a campaign?

Yes, you can create a QR code that matches your campaign and you can track the campaign as well as know the number of times that your QR code has been scanned. Moreover, you can always track your QR code and get all the statistics that you need.

Can I edit the QR code after it has been created?

Yes, you can edit the QR code easily even after you have created it as you can log in to your account and change the design. You can also edit the QR code in bulk creations.

Can anyone create a QR code through the website without having a professional company or a professional designer to do it?

Yes, Tasmimak is offering you a wide range of professional designs in a simple way that allows regular people to become the creators and the designers of their own designs. You can get the QR code without having any graphic designer to do the job or a graphic design company.